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Win More GSA Contracts with a Green Certification Program


It is a well known fact that GSA or General Services Administration is the organization that oversees the business of the US federal government. On the one hand this organization oversees the business of the government providing responsible asset management while on the other hand it also looks after the benefits of the citizens by helping in maintaining the safety of the nation with a variety of products and services.

In the present times it has been seen that a growing percentage of government purchases are done through GSA Schedules. GSA Schedules are actually programs through which GSA establishes long-term government-wide contracts with firms. This program provides federal agencies the access to order a wide gamut of products and services from GSA Schedule contractors. Buyers get the most competitive customer pricing and get the benefit of shorter acquisition lead-times.

Hence it goes without saying that requests for quotes from government and federal agencies are first placed to the contractors who are associated with GSA Schedule. It is also undeniably true that being on the GSA Schedule surely gives you an edge over your competitors. GSA also organizes to encourage and support small businesses interested to acquire a GSA Federal Supply Schedules contract.

Now GSA is committed towards helping federal government and agencies meet environmental goals and standards. GSA follows stringent environmental policies that promote environment friendly products and services which would reduce harm to the environment. GSA helps federal agencies buy energy-efficient and recycled-content products.

So in this case it is needless to say that if you own a green business you increase your chances of becoming a part of GSA Schedule than other commercial business competitors that lack green friendly practices. But running a green business or environment friendly business alone does not give you the same amount of credibility as a certified green business can.

It is a fact that in spite of all the rush and competition for winning a contract GSA analyses and evaluates each application individually and weighs the different strong points of a business in respect to the requirement. In such a scenario each company is actually competing with ones own self as the more the credibility and reliability of the business the more the chance for its winning the contract.

Getting your green business certified increases your reliability and dependability factor because obtaining a certification for your green business is not an easy process. During the process of certification a business undergoes a lot of rounds and levels of auditing form the accrediting agencies. During these rounds of audit your business receives a lot of advice regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your business and how to turn your weaknesses into your strong points.

So there is no doubt that GSA Schedule authorities would give full credit to certifications where green businesses are concerned. Indeed why not? After all, the certificate awarding institutes are also tried and tested by the concerned organizations of the federal government. Also in order to get a certificate you need to comply by some set guidelines and practices which if followed makes you a responsible and trustworthy green business.


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