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Where to find a Green Job?!

April 28, 2010 | By: GBB | No Comments on Where to find a Green Job?!

The job market is bad but not uniformly so. There are always niches and lacunae where jobs exist and people are required. Green businesses are hot, happening and here to stay. The venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has called it the “mother of all markets.”The green job market is an Aladdin’s cave for those who have the foresight to look beyond their nose. Myopia does not pay when choosing jobs. After going through several green job websites, these are the ones I liked best owing to the wide variety of jobs they handle the user-friendliness of their interface and because they are exclusively green.

The Environmental Career Center
The Environmental Career Center has been around since 1980. They assist job applicants and employers in matching the best fit candidates to the right green job. Apart from their website, they also publish the Green Careers Journal (6 issues per year) containing listings of more green jobs. They offer green jobs with companies like American Institute of Steel construction, Maine Conservation Corps, Ultra Systems Environmental and 3Degrees Group, Inc to name a few. They have now changed name to Green Careers Center. They may be contacted at :
Green Careers Center
2 Eaton Street
Suite 711
Hampton Virginia 23669

Sustainable Business
Sustainable business connects individuals with business skills with businesses, government agencies as well as green conscious non-profit organizations. It is a good starting point for those of you who would like to check out the green business and green job scenario before you are prepared to make a commitment. This company seems passionately committed to the green cause and when you visit the website you will realize what I mean. Consequently their job bank is diverse and interesting.
So if you want a taste of a job in climate change science, or a more exciting prospect of working on board a ship collecting and recording marine data, this is a good place to start looking for diverse jobs.

This company was born in 2004 with a focus on all aspects of job opportunities in Renewable Energy all over the world. They make it possible for candidates and employers in Renewable Energy to find each other easily. Apart from job listings, they provide recruitment services as well as analysis of employment in the Renewable Energy sector. Green Jobs gives applicants a chance to showcase their resume and apply for jobs with access to a directory of Renewable Energy companies.

Green Industry Jobs
If you are interested in green jobs in the Safety Industry, disaster management, waste management, landscaping, agricultural industry jobs, tree care, irrigation industry, turf, pest control and golf course careers this is the website for you. Apart from these it also has the conventional environmental career path options.

There are huge numbers of internet based placement companies who claim to assist you in your search for a green job. However, many of them are not exclusively ‘green’ and you may end up wasting precious time navigating their websites looking for a hint of green. After wading through a few of these I decided not to list them.

Dear green job seeker, some of the completely virgin sectors coming up rapidly with exciting new green job possibilities are bio-fuels, water quality trading, carbon trading and wetlands banking. So keep your mind open. Anything is possible.


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