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Top 10 Reasons to Certify Your Green Business


You have already instituted green practices in your business. You are confident that you are now qualified to receive green certification. First of all, how do you become a certified green business?

In order to make sure that your first attempt to get green certification will yield good results, here are some key points to guide you in deciding when you are ready to get your green business certification.

• Familiarize yourself with specific Green Business Standards. Contact your Green Business Program county coordinator for more information.

• Comply with environmental regulations. A green champion will be assigned to your business and conduct site visits to verify your green regulations and implementation depending on the nature of your business.

• Use Green Business checklists & assessments as your guide to conserve resources and prevent pollution to meet standards.

As soon as you are ready, you are now ready to bring your green business practices to the next level. That is to get a green business certification. But why would you want to do that? What do you get out of it? Here are our top 10 reasons:

1. You are recognized as an environmental leader.

2. You increase your business efficiency by instituting green practices all over your business. Less waste is tantamount to less work. Less work is equivalent to work efficiency of your employees.

3. Your green business is more marketable and highly competitive from other green businesses that have not received certification yet. Increased recognition makes you a leader in your industry particularly among green businesses within your vicinity.

4. You gain the trust and loyalty of your customers. Consumers prefer to conduct business with companies that demonstrate obvious stake in their well-being and their community.

5. You strengthen your bottom line. By doing so, you save on significant expenses. For instance, lights that are turned on in the office when no one is around amounts to unnecessary expenses. By promoting a green mindset within your company, you develop a proactive attitude among your employees.

6. You improve your employees’ high morale. Your employees feel important and proud of their active involvement in contributing to green and healthy efforts to save the environment.

7. You maintain a healthy environment in the workplace.

8. You become an indispensable green business asset in your community.

9. You increase sales and profit through gained popularity at websites, local newspapers, local television news etc.

10.  You improve the quality of your life and the life of people around you.

Your decision to become a certified green business makes you a true environmental leader. With a Green certification, there is no doubt that you will gain well deserved recognition. However, you have to make sure that you choose the right Green certification organization. Beware of sketchy green certification programs and go with one that can truly assess your achievements as a green business. Take your time in looking for a credible eco-consultant. The type of green business certification that you will gain will be reflective of you and your business.


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