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The Top 10 Fastest Growing Green Businesses


In the present age of environmental awareness green businesses are becoming more rampant and gaining in recognition than any other commercial business. Entrepreneurs now days have become conscious about saving the environment and promoting the same awareness. Governments in almost every country around the world are encouraging and extending their support to green businesses. It is also undeniably true that green businesses are no doubt more sustainable.

Here is a list of the fastest growing trends in green business:

Natural Cosmetics – one sector that has become most common as a green business is the cosmetics industry. Many major brands of cosmetics are going the natural and organic way. Indeed people are becoming of environment as well as their own skin and very fast switching towards natural or organic cosmetics.

Eco-Tourism – is a huge industry that provides a major portion of employment. And in the present time eco tourism has developed as the most prevalent way. Indeed this sector is growing in leaps and bounds compared to the overall tourism sector.

The Hotel Industry – is one major sector that is going green and adopting environmentally friendly processes. In fact this becomes a very smart business strategy for hotels and restaurants in order to attract environmentally conscious travelers.

Electric Bikes – are becoming a huge part of the transportation industry. In fact electric bikes have become most common among the present environment conscious people as they prefer human-powered cycling over gas powered cycling. And the main reason of the production of these bikes is to control pollution and reduce the usage of gas.

Green Car Manufacturing – is fast becoming a very common section of green business now days. Indeed most of the major automobile companies are also coming up with their brand of green cars.

Organic Foods – are becoming most prevalent now days among environment conscious customers. Thus organic farming is gaining in popularity to an extent in which it has become a very common green business now days. The organic farmers are well equipped to keep production as well as food quality at high levels.

Wind Energy – we all know that one of the very common principles of green is preservation of natural resources and looking out for alternative sources of energy. One very common form of green business is developing of wind energy. Indeed people are harnessing the supreme power of wind to produce energy that is required in a lot of activities.

Environmental Engineering – is also a very common and booming section of green business. This is that business which has professional experts that deal with the harmful effects of different activities on our environment and ways to avoid it.

Green Building Supplies – many businesses and consumers are building eco-friendly structures. Eco-friendly building supplies sales have reached an all time high even in today’s market.

Green Building & Construction – environmentally conscious customers are the major driving force for the construction industry to turn green.


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