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Green businesses achieve sustainability by always being on the lookout for better ideas, innovations, cost-effective and eco-friendly gadgets, power-saving ideas. To stop thinking is to stop being a green business. There are a lot of pretenders to the throne and when I went on a crusade looking for the latest gadgets for a green business office, I found to my dismay that I was led into a wonderland of plastic and PVC toys that I would be very tempted to call clutter.

Determined to search harder, I came across the world of wireless reading devices. Most popular among these gadgets are the Hanlin eReader V8 and the Kindle 2. What is green about these is that they do away with the need to buy newspapers and even magazines. You can subscribe to whatever newspaper and magazine you wish for without the need to either purchase one physically or worry about recycling the same. The wireless reading device is a smart green gadget as it eliminates paper, reduces waste, saves time and effort and serves the purpose admirably.

Equally paper friendly is the voice-recorder. Though it does not have a claim to the ‘latest’ bandwagon, it has the ultimate green quality: sustainability. It has endured, stood the test of time. Taking voice notes is the organized person’s version of thinking out loud and putting it on record without the need for pen, paper or printer at that point.
The eco stapler is a baby stapler that does not use metal staples. It saves metal and saves you the irritation of dealing with a shredder that is jammed with staples. The eco stapler uses a clever cut and fold technique and currently can handle up to 5 sheets of paper at a time. It is also ideal for attaching checks to payment slips when pins or staples may not be used. The eco stapler will also ensure that no matter how old the paper records, there will never be rust marks on the papers.  We look forward to more robust eco staplers in the near future.

The non-electric presso coffee maker is a simple gadget that does away with the regular office coffee machine. It does need hot water for the coffee, but eliminates the need to be kept plugged in all day. This saves significant amounts of power when subtended to all offices that keep their coffee makers plugged in 24/7. Little innovations do pack a big punch. The presso coffee maker can be paired with the energy saving hot-water dispenser by Tefal.

If you thought just add water meant instant soup, think again. The H2O 8 Digit Water powered calculator is a smart little gizmo that uses basic science to generate power. Adding water activates the metal-alloy electrodes inside, generating electricity to run the calculator. This is the basic design of a battery. When the water runs out, simply add more. The manufacturer claims that every time you add water, enough electricity is generated to last 3 months. I think this is a great little step in the right direction.


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