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The Green Evolution of the MBA Program


The traditional MBA just acquired competition!  Universities have started offering a new and exciting course popularly known as a ‘Green MBA’. This is an MBA with an added edge over its more conventional and stodgy cousin. Besides training the management trainee in the traditional coursework which includes finance, marketing, economic theory and ethical practices in business, the ‘Green MBA’ program also prepares the future business executive to run a green business.

A sustainable MBA program addresses the need for future generations to learn to do business in an ecologically friendly and sustainable manner keeping in mind the finite nature of most natural resources and the thin line we walk between sustainable and non-sustainable practices. Anybody can do business. The point is to run a green business, keeping in mind that all natural resources need to be spent with responsibility, replaced when possible, causing no harm to the existing eco-system and treating indigenous populations with respect and dignity.

Sustainability addresses a very basic issue: will it be possible to continue doing things in a certain manner without causing harm to the local flora and fauna and populace, without drying up the available resources without replacement and without running into major problems like global warming and polluting the environment? The trinity of economic, ecological and social sustainability is together known as the Triple Bottom Line. Sustainability stresses on the need for businesses to think critically and act responsibly.

Apart from teaching conventional marketing, finance and strategic leadership, the Green MBA will help an aspiring green business executive to learn to run ecologically accountable businesses without compromising on profit. As public awareness of safe and unsafe environmental practices increases, all businesses stand the risk of coming under scrutiny. The Green MBA equips future management executives to incorporate sustainable green practices within their businesses.

Here are some of the issues the programs focus on that sets them apart from the conventional MBA:
•    Renewable and clean energy resources
•    Green Housing
•    Farming without harmful pesticides in a manner that maintains an ecological balance.

Here is a list of some MBA Programs with a green/sustainable curriculum:

Antioch University
Colorado State University
Dominican University of California
Green Mountain College
Lipscomb University
University of Michigan
San Francisco State University

The Green MBA is a serious contender and here to stay.  Sustainability and staying-power is the whole point.


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