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Nothing like a little competition….GBB member Ayres Associates


We love hearing stories of using some competitive spirit to inspire environmental behavior.  In this case, green certified business and Green Business Bureau member Ayres Associates shares some pictures of their latest environmental effort: battery collection and recycling.

Many companies have hundreds of old batteries lying around occupying space and potentially hazardous risks.  Batteries manufactured before 1997 have high amounts of mercury which can pose a health risk, and even newer batteries include some level of mercury.

Batteries should be taken to a hazardous waste drop-off facility, or you can also choose to recycle your old batteries. Earth 911 is a resource that can help direct you to a facility that takes batteries for recycling. Besides facilities, you can also reach out to mail-order companies that accept batteries for recycling for a small fee, as well as retail stores that will take old batteries back for proper recycling. Once again, batteries made before 1997 will always need a proper disposal method.

Congratulations to Ayres Associates once again for having a little cross-company competition that also results in environmental and business benefits!

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