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Next time you look for paper, it should be FSC certified


FSC is not just another label or logo. It stands for Forest Stewardship Council.

Following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio Summit) in 1992, concerned business representatives, social groups and environmental organizations put their heads together and came up with a brain-child: the Forest Stewardship Council. The purpose of the Forest Stewardship Council is to set global gold-standards for responsible and sustainable utilization of the world’s forest resources.

Choosing to buy an FSC labeled product can make a significant difference in the future of this planet we call home. FSC rules and principles ensure the following, among other things:

• Prohibits the conversion of natural forests and habitats

• Prohibits use of hazardous pesticides • Prohibits cultivation of genetically modified trees • Respects rights of indigenous populations

• Audits each certified operation at least once a year – they stand to lose FSC certification if they do not comply with FSC’s clear and strict policies.

FSC makes it easy for you to be a responsible buyer. The FSC label makes it simple to make the right choice when buying timber or paper products. When you buy paper carrying the FSC label, you are assured that such paper was manufactured using wood from forests that are being managed responsibly and abiding by all legal stipulations. Being FSC aware when buying paper products endorses the fact that your business is truly a green business. FSC certification confirms that your business complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market and is thus an authentic green business. Escalating public concern about the state of the world’s forestry resources tends to turn the spotlight onto responsible practices demonstrated by individual businesses. The FSC label is an effective way to get public and consumer recognition of your responsible practices reflected in your green business policies. This gives your ‘green business’ credibility and a stamp of ecological accountability. As society and watch dog organizations get more and more concerned about sustainable and responsible forestry practices, they also tend to get increasingly litigious. All businesses, green or otherwise can come under scrutiny. Buying products carrying the FSC label helps to protect your brand and reputation. It helps that the FSC rules are very rigid with the highest social and environmental requirements. FSC is the only existing global yardstick in responsible and ecofriendly forestry practices worldwide. So the next time you look for paper, make sure you see the FSC label!


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