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Maryland Lawyer Tim Barkley Embraces Green


Tim Barkley, Esq., has been committed to conscientious environmental stewardship since childhood, when his parents encouraged a spiritual awareness of the earth and the effect of his existence on the natural world.  As an adult, Tim has brought that environmental awareness into his business by incorporating sustainable practices that result in energy and waste savings.

“I think the “green” movement is part of the re-establishment of balance after the modern corporatized industrial excesses of the middle of the twentieth century, and look forward to helping renew a consciousness of the interrelation of people and the planet,” says Barkley.

After searching for some way to tangibly demonstrate his commitment to environmental stewardship in business, Barkley recently became a member of the Green Business Bureau, the leading third-party green business certification program.

“The Green Business Bureau program was accessible, understandable and affordable,” says Barkley.  “I’ve looked around at other programs, but they were either too complicated for a small business (seems like you’d need a “green czar” just to keep track of the program) or too technical.  I can comfortably “grow into green” with the Green Business Bureau.”

While Barkley did not have a formal program in place before joining the Green Business Bureau, he did use recycled and renewable products and worked to reduce the burden of his business on the environment whenever possible.  Since joining the Green Business Bureau, Barkley has completed a number of initiatives, including instituting a paperless billing program, expanding his recycling program, and installing ENERGY STAR appliances.  All of Barkley’s completed initiatives can be viewed by clicking on the Green Business Bureau seal located on Barkley’s home page at

Barkley’s law firm specializes in providing premier services in estate planning and administration, elder law, real estate and business planning. He is also involved with Cornerstone Environmental Technologies, Incorporated (CETI), a startup company distributing a “green”  remediation and cleaning product.

“Through my involvement with CETI, I hope to help restore what modern Western culture has disturbed in the rhythms of life on Earth,” says Barkley.

“I’d like to be always able to say that I give more back to the planet than I take from it, and be able to tell my children that the Earth they’re getting from my hands is better than the one I got from my parents, to the extent I can control that,” says Barkley.

About Tim Barkley Law Offices:
The Tim Barkley Law Offices is a small-town law firm assisting folks in their often-unstated quest to be found faithful in the stewardship of their assets.  A solo attorney, he practices in the areas of wills, trusts and estates; elder law; real estate; and business and nonprofit organizations.

Contact Info:

Timothy S. Barkley, Sr., Esq.
One Park Avenue
P.O. Box 1136
Mount Airy, Maryland 21771
Phone 301-829-3778
Cell 301-606-5905


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