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How to Tell Customers Your Business is Green


Customers do not really pay much attention to details of your product unless you tell them specifically. This is in the same way that they would not bother asking you if you are running a green business. Surveys show that consumers would choose to patronize green business due to its sustainability policies and of course the benefits that the business provides to their community. Studies also show that green businesses hold a marketable edge than businesses that do not employ green practices.

How do you inform your customers that your business is green without spending on expensive advertisements?

1. Invest in signs. Signs come in many sizes and shapes. They are relatively cheap and highly personalized. All you need is a concept and a creative mind. For instance you may put a sign on the table saying, “You are using a table made out of recycled material.” Signs are very effective as it gives a signal to anyone who passes by without any deliberate intention to read. It is like directing the customer to comprehend the message. It is a learned habit among customers who almost always look for signs particularly when in need of using the comfort room.

2. Put informative posters on your walls. Informative posters mean telling your story in print. You may put consequent posters that tell the story on how you became a green business. Another idea would be applicable for a green restaurant business. You may put alternate pictures of organic ingredients that you used to make the burger and the other picture is the finished product. Again, you need to be as creative as you can.

3. Interest your customers. It is not an effective campaign unless your customers claim a stake in your cause. Develop provocative items such as a trivia statement, “Did you know?” imprinted at the table napkins. Give out brochures that state the benefits of patronizing green businesses. This way, you not only increase your sales but you also create awareness in your community.

4. Invest in worthwhile activities for the community such as a cooking contest that uses organic foods. Think varied ideas. Seek professional expertise if necessary. Choose the right concept that would best campaign your product and the message you want delivered.

5. Be honest. Some green businesses actually mislead customers in thinking that they are extremely involved in green causes but in fact do not implement significant green methods. Because green business is an emerging trend, many businesses think they can ride with the popularity. They claim that they implement green practices while in fact they only buy recycled plastic bags in a nearby grocery store. Although this practice may seem half true in nature, it does not really provide significant proof that you deserve to be called a green business. If your customers queries about your methods, you will have nothing to say. And so, you risk the reputation of your business and your integrity as well.


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