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How to Build an Eco-Friendly Business


Eco-friendly businesses are consistently gaining excellent marks in the industries today in terms of reduced cost of business as well as increased customers’ satisfaction. The concept of eco-friendly business is synonymous to green business. Needless to say that instituting eco-friendly measures in your business would ensure minimal if not eliminate wastage and save on costly and unnecessary expenditures.

You may already be running an existing business that used to waste a lot of resources and now you want to step up your responsibility to your community. Or you may be a newbie who wants to employ eco-friendly measures even at the beginning phase of your business. You may opt to start from scratch and tread a new eco-friendly path on your own or you may want emulate established best practices by other successful eco-friendly businesses. Either way, the best starting point is to embrace eco-friendliness in your own life, in the life of your employees and subsequently in the life of your business.

How do you build an eco-friendly business? Here is a simple yet tried and tested formula. All you need to do is to answer the questions what, why, how, when and where.

1. What exactly do you want to achieve? First of all, you need to identify your goals. As a business owner or a prospective one, you know that in any project undertaking, goals and objectives should be the primary direction of your project plan. Discuss among stakeholders of your business when necessary. Research and read about best known methods and success stories of others who have gone ahead. How have they maintained an eco-friendly business and became truly successful at the same time? Is success a sure ball just by being eco-friendly?

2. Why do you want to become an eco-friendly business? List down or identify reasons for arriving at your plan. What are the things that prompted you to take this step? What are the benefits that you will gain from this plan?

3. How do you intend to go about it? What resources do you need? What strategies do you need to employ? Do you need to hire a green consultant to help you decide the best strategies for your business? What are the assumptions and risks in building an eco-friendly business?

4. Where is your location? Is the community into eco-friendly practices? Are the community members generally organized? Or do they simply do not care? If so, how do you let them become aware and influence them to act on the matter? Where will you get your resources? For instance, if you would need a solar panel, where do you get it? At what cost? Do you have the funds? If no, how would you raise enough for it? Where do you buy Energy Rated appliances or equipment? Where do you find Green Seal companies that sell office supplies?

5. When do you intend to start? Are your plans organized and ready to carry out? Do you have a tested project plan?

These are just a few of questions that you need to answer to ensure that you know where to start and where to end and go back and forth along the way. Lastly, before you are able to say that you are truly an eco-friendly business owner, you must have turned up every aspect there is in the course of your business. In the process of doing so, you have addressed each and every environmental concern.


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