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How to Become a Certified Green Business


There are a number of reasons why you would want to certify your green business. One convincing reason is that you will gain a marketable edge over your competitors. You increase sales and at the same time save on operating costs due to efficient use of your company’s resources.

What are the steps that you need to take to become a certified green business?

1. Evaluate your green policies. Are the steps you have implemented sufficient to pass the green certification process? Make sure that all your policies, memos, progress and evaluation reports are properly documented.

2. Conduct overall site visits to all areas of your company. It would be much better if you do this impromptu to make sure that nothing is left unturned. This way, you are 100% confident that you can get your green business certification without a hassle.

3. Learn about Green Business Standards. You can get this information from your local county coordinator. Make a checklist of your own green practices versus the recommended standards. If there is any gap, make sure to address them and implement actions accordingly.

4. Check out Green Business Bureau. You can avail of our online assessment procedures to verify your qualifications. This is just one of Green Business Bureau’s key features to help you verify if you are doing an accurate evaluation of your green business. Through the online assessment, you might actually discover green habits that you did not really consider as such.

5. Hire a certified green consultant. An eco consultant will implement a comprehensive Green agenda for your company. Our consultants will provide you a win-win situation and increase the sales and profit of your business. Do not settle for anything less. You need to make an informed decision in choosing the right green certification provider for your business. There are a lot of companies and websites that lure green businesses into certification but fail to deliver their promises in the end.

6. Comply with environmental regulations. These may include air quality, regulations, environmental permits, ecosystem protection, emergencies and disaster planning, pesticides, fish and wildlife regulations, pollutants, chemicals and toxic substances, storage tanks, waste regulations, toxic release inventory and water quality regulations. You should be prepared when a local green champion staff will be assigned to your business during the application process to verify your green business claims.

7. Green business certification is an emerging trend. This is why companies that offer green certifications generally vary in program offerings. Soon, the government will mandate all business to adopt green practices and meet regulations. It is better to do it your way than to get one under stricter regulations.

Lastly, evaluate your motives. Why do you want to get green certified? Is it because you want to truly take a proactive role in saving the environment? Is it because it is a popular trend among businesses? Or could it be that you want to increase sales and profit? All these and more should be your motivation to become a genuine certified green business. Promote the Green mindset in your employees. Let them savor the pride of their achievements. Their sincere efforts to become environmental leaders in the company, community and society through their participation in your green business should be well recognized.


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