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HostGator and GBB Announce Partnership to Help Businesses Go Green


The Green Business Bureau (GBB) is proud to announce its newly formed partnership with HostGator! As you know, GBB aims to foster environmental awareness among businesses and promote business practices that are both environmentally responsible and commercially beneficial. The organization offers standard green certification and accountability for businesses. HostGator has created a proactive stance in promoting green advocacies by relying solely on renewable energy for their 1,800,000 shared and reseller websites. This is primarily the reason for the forged partnership between the two green organizations. It is the mission of GBB to support green businesses by recognizing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

HostGator is the leading global provider of shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated web hosting. It is a private company owned by its President and CEO Brent Oxley. The company rooted itself from the confines of its founder’s dorm room at his alma mater, Florida Atlantic University. From initial three servers at the startup, the company is now responsible for 1% of Internet traffic worldwide. The company has embraced its responsibility to minimize carbon emissions produced directly or indirectly by its business. HostGator took a significant move to save the environment by using wind power to all its servers. The company has invested in renewable energy in exchange of green benefits within and outside of their business. The effort of the company is highly recognized by GBB as the amount of carbon emissions that HostGator used to emit is now a thing of the past. How much really is that? The company illustrates in its website. The company’s effort is equivalent to:

1. Taking out 444 cars from the road for one whole year, or

2. Providing clean energy to 321 households for 12 months, or

3. Conserving 5,654 barrels of oil, or

4. Protecting 551 acres of forest and trees for a year

Imagine if all servers all over the world switched to green practices? How much clean energy can be saved? How many years can be added to the number of projected years that the present environment can sustain itself and provide clean air to living things? Have you realized how much pollution you create to the environment? It is never too late for our environment. Start now.


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