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Green Progress and Green Business Bureau Announce Partnership


Green Business Bureau (GBB) is proud to announce its recently forged partnership with Green Progress. In today’s growing buzz about existing green businesses and going green plans, there is a greater need for green advocates to partner together and work towards one and the same goal.  That is to save the environment from further destruction. Ultimately, GBB aims to encourage small and medium size businesses to certify their green business and ultimately, reverse the negative impacts of irresponsible energy consumption all over the world. One of the organization’s missions is to keep its certified business members informed of the latest environmental news and regulations that affect their business. On top of GBB’s efforts, the partnership with Green Progress provides this and more.

Green Progress is an EcoMethods sustainability project. Its mission is to encourage, conserve and innovate through education, communication and collaboration.  The organization disseminates news and resources on latest green technology and environmental science. Green Progress recognizes individual and household efforts in conserving energy through practical methods but it also asserts that there is a need for large scale efficiency efforts.  In their website, information are mastered on these following areas: (1) transportation including hybrid, electric, diesel, biofuel, hydrogen and the government (2) green buildings which covers LEED, energy, efficiency, materials, health, buildings and urban development (3) environment efforts from global warming, pollution, sustainability, recycling to awareness and government initiatives and (4) alternative energy sources particularly wind, solar, biofuel, geothermal energy including research data and government initiatives).

Green Progress targets individuals to reduce its carbon footprint every single day. The organization’s website provides a learning avenue for visitors to get updated about developments on almost every aspect of green innovations. The organization also provides carbon footprint calculator where you can actually calculate the amount of carbon emissions you add up to the environment through your household daily consumption, transportation usage, air travel down to your eating habits.

The partnership will benefit both GBB and Green Progress as both have extensive affiliations, client base and followers. As the cliché goes, there is strength in numbers. And with the continuing efforts of GBB to partner with co-advocates in going green, there is no doubt that goals are likely to be achieved in no time.


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