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A recent study performed by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy put forth some pretty interesting numbers.  The study found that 73% of Americans think corporations and businesses should get involved in business practices that have a positive affect on the reduction of global warming.  More than 90% of the poll’s respondents think the United States should address global warming initiatives even though the economic consequences could be burdensome.

For businesses, the bottom line is that consumers believe in sustainable initiatives.  They also show a willingness to support businesses that conduct themselves in an environmentally responsible manner.  Consumers have demonstrated that they will spend a little more for green products and green services and with businesses that are committed to environmental improvements.  From green dishwashing liquid to sound window systems and energy-efficient appliances, the public is ready to take a stand.

The challenge for successful green marketing campaigns is to deliver a compelling but fresh message.  Too often, businesses have announced green programs that just touch the surface and frankly are expected by the public.

Marketing professionals need to begin by understanding what is newsworthy about their company’s green program and what s redundant.  If your company does not have a meaningful commitment to sustainability, wait until newsworthy products or services are in place and available to the public.  Marketing experts need to understand the scope of the company’s going green program and analyze the changes.

Know how this program stacks up against the competition and compares with other businesses.  Do not be afraid to emulate successful programs and add a little juice to the prototype.

Wait until your company has implemented the changes and they have been refined to meet your business model and are proven to fit into the business plan.  While the public calls for meaningful environmental change, they are tired of false promises and businesses trying to cash in on green supporters.  If your company is not serious about going green, wait until the move is serious and defined.

There are many initiatives companies can adopt that consumers will notice.  Improved and aggressive recycling is expected.  Safe goods, services and products are also expected.  Initiatives that reduce emissions, lower energy consumption and reduce reliance on foreign providers are newsworthy and current.

To spread the word effectively, begin by encouraging employee training.  Employees may be asked what your company is doing about sustainable practices.  Employees should be aware of the benefits of green initiatives and should get involved in helping the movement.

The marketer’s nightmare is a company that announces green programs and does not follow through.  The proof is in the pudding.  Green advocates will respond to sincere programs.  Your green program should be relevant, reflect green awareness and address significant new issues.  Use a distinctive label from your green program and stick to it.  Your operating costs will be lower, your emissions will be lower and your customer base will grow.  That sounds like a formula for success.


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