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Green Daycare: Eco-Friendly Child Care Centers


Daycare centers offer a lot of benefits to busy parents. It provides a safe place for children to stay during the day under the care of professionals. In fact, children view day care nurturers as welcome substitutes for their parents’ care. Day care centers provide a socialization setting as well as a learning environment for children ages 0-5. Children are able to maximize their learning potentials through exposure to many educational activities provided by a day care center. Compare to other countries, this is a common practice among parents in the United States.

However, there is one posing problem that might imperil your child’s health especially in worst scenarios. Studies reveal that children who are enrolled in day care centers are many times prone to get sick from various illnesses than children who stay at homes. Because a day care center is packed with children from different home environments, your child may be exposed to potential diseases that are carried by other children. Among the most common type of transferable diseases in a day care center are upper, respiratory infections (particularly in children younger than six months), colds, flu, gastroenteritis, diarrhea and/or vomiting, head lice, scabies, and some cases of hepatitis A and tuberculosis.

It is wonderful news then to know that more and more day care centers have become aware of these potential occurrences. They begin to embrace green approaches in caring for children. Although switching from “less economical ways” would take a lot of mindset change on the part of the whole day care system, the benefits that they will gain long term are invaluable. It would be an inspiration for other schools to know that the day care centers in the green business not only provide a green and healthy environment to the children but also save a lot more in regular expenses.  It is important to note also that interviews of mothers indicate that they would prefer to send their children in a green and healthy institution.

If you are a day care owner or even a school administrator who wants your school labeled as a certified green business, then an eco consultant can help you. This is especially true when you neither have the time nor the energy to introduce the project and implement the concept in your school. Eco consultants can help you gain green business certification. Here are examples of what you will get out of it.

1. You and your day care center become popular as you get featured in the local town newspaper and even your state’s local television show (think bigger).

2. You save on electric bills, water consumption among others. You save on day care maintenance because children will not bring or buy chips, canned drinks etc., thus they will not litter.

3. The parents of your existing enrollees will become more confident of your services. You are able to keep them within your grounds until the children are old enough.

4. Your green business will continuously get an excellent feedback through word of mouth. You ensure the stability of your institution through your green business certification.

Lastly, you may be a father or a mother as well who wants to ensure that your child is always kept protected i.e. by the nanny, by the primary or secondary teachers etc. If you run your day care center or school and yet do nothing to make your business certified green, then you give the impression that other people can carelessly handle your child’s health. By providing a safe and illness-free environment to the children through your green business certification, you send a very strong message to others who have not done the same yet.


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