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Green Certification Requirements

February 10, 2009 | By: GBB | No Comments on Green Certification Requirements

In the present age of cut throat competition, complying by the set of rules that are laid down by Green Authorities or by the federal Government is not sufficient for a green business. In order to thrive in this competitive world one needs to get their green business certified in order to carve a niche for them in the industry. However, obtaining a certification is neither easy nor an over-night procedure. Rather it is a long drawn process which has a lot of requirements to be fulfilled.

And the requirements vary as per the products or services that your business manufactures or delivers.  As every business has their unique characteristics and requires some set of processes that differs from every other industry. Though there are also some general requirements which are valid for all type of organizations.

First and foremost, the organization or business should provide a proper organization chart describing the key relationships between production processes, quality control checks and environment and safety. It should also contain all the other details of the company like the employee strength, the size and the production capacity of the business.

Then one has to prepare a regulatory compliance report. This report should contain a description of the environmental compliance program undertaken by the company. Apart from this there should be a detail report about the products of the company i.e. the product name, brand name under which it is marketed, product description, dimensions, recycled content and such others. The detail report on the product should also contain reports on the product specific performance requirements and product specific environmental requirements and the labelling requirements.

If your business offers a service instead of a product then there should be a detail report on the services delivered and a detail report on the Standard Operating Procedures. It should also contain reports of the equipments used and the environmental compliance of the equipments used. In case of a service providing company the communication strategies and requirements also play a very important role. This also becomes a major part of the business and the requirements and processes need to be laid down in the report.

Last but not the least is the report of the Quality checking procedures. The quality assurance or quality compliance program also needs to be defined clearly in a report along with the processes followed or adopted by the company to achieve the quality parameters set by the standards of the business.

In case of a service providing company another major requirement is laying down the training requirements of the employees of the organization. Each personnel must be a professionally trained person in that particular work. The records of training imparted by the organization should also be present in the detail report.

Thus one thing which can be easily concluded from this is that in order to obtain a green certification the most important and major step that needs to be taken by any business is to undertake a process of proper documentation of all its processes and transactions. Indeed the content of all these reports that are required can only come if there is a proper documentation policy followed by the organization.


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