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Green Business Bureau Praises Positive Changes to Energy Star Program


As the leading green business certification program, the Green Business Bureau regularly recommends Energy Star appliances to small- and medium-sized businesses in their efforts to become certified green.

The Green Business Bureau (GBB) today announced that it is pleased by the recent changes to the Energy Star program instituted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE).  These changes strengthen the verification, testing and enforcement aspects of the Energy Star program, which helps consumers identify the most energy efficient products on the market.

“Energy Star is a great resource for our members,” says Marcos Cordero, LEED AP, CEO and Co-Founder of GBB. “We always recommend to our clients that they purchase and install Energy Star products as a way to increase their company’s environmental sustainability.”

Cordero points out that, like many other certifications, Energy Star stands for something that can add a lot of value.  In this case, Energy Star has become a name that represents improved efficiency.

“GBB is confident in recommending Energy Star products to our members in their efforts to become certified green, because the name means that manufacturers have dedicated extra efforts to achieve certification,” says Cordero.

The recent changes to the program mean that in order to receive EPA approval, manufacturers must submit complete lab reports and results, and, by the end of 2010, those reports and results must come from an approved an accredited laboratory.  In addition, the EPA has strengthened its review systems and is moving from an automated approval system to one in which all applications will be individually reviewed and approved prior to labeling.

The DOE is also stepping up existing enforcement and testing and is conducting off-the-shelf testing on popular appliances with positive results.  Recent audits found that 98 percent of products tested fully complied with Energy Star requirements.

“We are excited that the EPA is staying sharp and continuously improving,” says Cordero, “and with only a 2% error rate this renewed, increased effort shows they are staying ahead of the curve.”

Expressing caution, however, Cordero added “What we would not like to see is that this new, non-automated process and increased requirements will lead to a backlog of applications – thus delaying the certificate from being placed on worthwhile products that stand to benefit the consumer and the environment.”

The EPA will begin accepting new applications for certification under these new guidelines at the end of the week.  For more information, please visit the Energy Star website.


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