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Green Business Bureau Becomes Trust Provider for eBay’s World of Good Marketplace


Green Business Bureau becomes Trust Provider for eBay’s World of Good marketplace. As a Trust Provider, Green Business Bureau will verify that World of Good is truly abiding by its green business and fair trade policies.

Trust Providers are organizations that act as corporate consciences and provide third party certification for businesses that follow environmentally responsible practices. The role of Green Business Bureau as Trust Provider for World of Good is very clear. They “have designed a program that gives businesses the tools they need to implement environmentally responsible practices in the workplace. Members become certified and recognized for their positive environmental impact”.

World of Good is an ecologically friendly, fair trade online market place where the artisan is assured of a fair percentage from the profits. The fair trade core philosophy is to empower poor and exploited laborers of less-developed nations by creating a market for them. This will provide them with sustainable means of living, improving working conditions and a chance to better their lives. Ethically sourced products are made using sustainable resources in an ecologically friendly manner.

As a member of the International Fair Trade Association, World of Good has adopted the IFAT fair trade practices. They also abide by the following principles:

  1. “Pay a fair wage in local context to artisan
  2. Purchase from cooperatives, non-profit organizations or directly from the artisans whenever possible. If using an intermediary, ensure that a fair portion goes back to the artisan.
  3. Provide employment without discrimination, and strive to create employment opportunities for women and the most disadvantaged communities.
  4. Ensure that all artisans have access to a safe and clean work environment, whether it is a workshop, a community meeting space, or their own homes.
  5. Guarantee that no child labor is used in production – unless the entire family is involved in the craft and the children are still attending school.
  6. Engage in long-term trading relationships to promote sustainable economies. Increase economic stability by paying 50% up front to underwrite materials and production costs.
  7. Follow environmentally sustainable production practices whenever possible: encourage artisans to select local raw materials, harvest them sustainably and use renewable energy. Avoid processes that require artificial chemicals.
  8. Provide technical and financial assistance to artisans, including market information, product development, and 50% pre-financing to underwrite materials and production costs.
  9. Maintain business practices that are open to public scrutiny, and make every effort to be as transparent as possible.
  10. Reinvest a portion of World of Good’s profits to support and strengthen the social and economic conditions in the producer communities.”
  11. (Source:

The Trustology concept used by World of Good requires each of their products to be verified by a Trust Provider, to ensure that the product is truly reflective of ethical and sustainable business practices. Thus buyers on the World of Good can be assured that their purchases are truly making an economic and environmental impact and there is a third party to verify this. Green Business Bureau in its role of Trust Provider and World of Good as a marketplace with a collective conscience, working together, can change the face of online shopping.


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