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Energy Star Business Tools: Eco-Friendly Printers


Printers are lifesavers. It is not an exaggeration. Think about it. Say you are an office employee whose job is to transcribe, type, record and the like. Imagine how your life would be without a printer at hand? Imagine your predecessors whose life revolved around pen and papers and typewriters?

The world continually changes. What may be acceptable before is not acceptable now. The same is true for use of printers. Before, it is acceptable to leave printers on standby mode. But it is no longer tolerable today. With the advent of green concepts at homes, at schools, at businesses and other institutions, energy wastage is not an excuse. Today, manufacturers of office equipment are obliged to convert their products into energy efficient ones in order to comply with Energy Star standards. Energy Star is an international standard coined for energy efficient consumer products. It is a US government program which many other green compliant countries continue to emulate. The program falls under the US Environmental Protection Agency more popularly known as EPA.

With the growing consciousness of public sector on the climate effects of irresponsibility and inaction, businesses begin to take a stand. Many businesses that offer printers and other office equipment are now proud to claim that their products are Energy Star rated. Hewlett Packard or simply HP is one of the leading and most recognized office equipment businesses that sell energy efficient printers. HP claims that almost all of their HP printers are Energy Star rated.

HP printers have the following energy efficient features:

• HP Officejet printers and all in ones have automatic two-sided printing which saves paper and energy usage at the same time.

• HP Smart web printing allows user to print web pages that are combined from multiple web pages.

• HP Trade-in and Save is available to North America business clients. The program gives $1000 cash back to buyers of HP LaserJet or Officejet printer in exchange for recycling of their old printers regardless if it is HP or not. Also, they do not mind if your printer still works or not. The company provides free recycling and at the same time offers free privilege cards to eligible clients. They call it the Total Care Access Card complete. The card is loaded with $49 value which they can use to purchase products.

• Most importantly, newly launched HP products namely HP Officejet Pro 8500 and 8000 consumes 50% lower than other printer counterparts. To add, these printers go on sleep mode when not in use. You are able to save almost 80% of energy consumption than a printer on a standby mode all day long. And because it prints on two sides, paper usage is cut down by half.

Among other brands include Canon, Craden Peripherals Corp., Dell, Epson America, Info Print Solutions Co., Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Oki Data Americas, Inc., Ricoh, TallyGenicom LP., and Xerox Corporation among others.

Businesses and individuals prefer to buy Energy Star rated products because they save a lot of money on the process. At the same time, they are able to fulfill their responsibilities to the environment. It is an inherent responsibility. So, the next time you go to a store to buy a new printer, do not forget to look for the Energy Star seal. Happy shopping!


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