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Green and socially responsible entrepreneurship is about creating or developing new ideas and running an enterprise focused on profit generation while contributing and/or promoting positive impact in the environment.  With the advent of green practices and its popularity among consumers, more and more budding entrepreneurs are starting up with green business ideas in mind. However, starting a green business is a difficult task for entrepreneurs whose only purpose is to entice customers to frequent their shops. This is because efforts will immediately fall apart as there is no innate commitment to save the environment.

In order to sustain the green label of your business in the minds of your consumers, a green entrepreneur need to constantly look for ways to eliminate harmful effects in the environment. This means that greening a business is a lifelong task. It requires real commitment and passion in order to be labeled as a green entrepreneur.

Greening is not all work. It helps sustain your future business by significantly reducing costs and expenses plus ensuring sustainable profit owed to extensive market that supports green causes.

Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own green business and stuck in indecisive wandering where you should start. Here are some tips to guide you in your decision making process.

1. List your green strategies. It is true to say that what is best for you may not be best for me. In the same way that green entrepreneurship strategies, may work for others but not exactly work for you. It is not advisable to imitate green practices employed by other entrepreneurs within your industry as you will risk being labeled as a second best. This is aside from the fact that it may actually hurt your newly-established business in the process. Delve deeper into your cause and you will definitely find lots of green business ideas in mind.

2. Be creative. You need to keep in mind that becoming an entrepreneur requires the ability to formulate creative ideas out of what seems mediocre and make it look extraordinary in the eyes of the costumers. For instance, an old piece of furniture can be recycled to become a cutting edge design inside your establishment. Or you may also try using renewable energy in all aspects of your business. You may also reduce water consumption by using washable plates instead of Styrofoam particularly in the restaurant business.

3. Determine your one BIG green idea.  This may come in forms of paperless office scheme where you will encourage your employees to use technology to create and save files and any other methods that will need paper usage. You may also start up a virtual office and employ telecommuting system instead of building a new office building.  This increases carbon in the environment because of gas emissions utilized in transportation by your employees and customers. You only need to branch out ideas out of your own BIG idea. If you do not have one, cull out from established standard green methods. You may even hire a consultant to help you decide the green tagline for your business.

All these and more are strategies that you can take into account to become a green entrepreneur. Along the process, you may not even need to advertise your green practices as customers are quick to determine invaluable efforts to save the environment.


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