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There can be nothing more beautiful or decorative than the beauty of nature. Indeed a house which has a well kept garden in front of it looks extremely charming. Some people have a talent towards gardening and thus they can create a beautiful landscape for their house on their own. But that does not mean that all of us would be bestowed with such talent.

There are innumerable professional landscape contractors who with their knowledge, skill and experience lay out a well defined plan to create a beautiful and charming landscape for you. A landscape contractor is generally equipped with horticulture knowledge, understands the principles of construction and has the aesthetic creativity of a designer. They can help you out if you want a new lawn, a new patio or just a re-touch to color up your existing landscape. They not only help in gardening by installing plant material, but also install hardscape material, including patios, decks, retaining walls, gazebos and irrigation systems. In short they have the expertise to convert even a dull landscape or a blank area in the front of your house into a charming and attractive landscape which would make you feel proud of your house once again.

Now there are some differences between a general landscape contractor and a green landscape contractor. A green landscape contractor is essentially one who follows environment friendly materials and ingredients to design and build a beautiful landscape. In this way the landscape also becomes an evidence of your awareness for protecting the environment. The eco-friendly landscape contractors happen to use tools which use alternative energy or fuel so that it leads to a control of pollution like for example using of a bio-diesel lawn mower or such other tools required for beautifying the area in front of your house.

The green landscape contractors help you grow a lush as well as healthy lawn that would bear an evidence of your environment consciousness. There are different ways to undertake an organic lawn care like using of organic fertilizers or that of soil balancing agents which ensures that the ground on which the landscape is built does not get affected adversely in any way rather gets better. One important factor to keep in mind is to use only no-phosphorus or low-phosphorus fertilizers so that the ground is not damaged in any way.

The green landscape contractors always try to use hand tools or electric-powered tools instead of gas-powered tools as they always keep in mind about reducing the rate of pollution as much as possible. They also generally avoid usage of toxic chemical pesticides or herbicides which are often used in lawn care. They also take care of preservation of water and reduce water-wastage by watering with a hose instead of using timed sprinklers. If possible they also avoid using a PVC hose and use rubber hose instead. They would also save your grass clippings and use them as mulch for your yard. Apart from this as for the plants, the green landscape contractors try to look for plants which are native to your area so that too much of maintenance is not needed and the plant also grows properly.

Thus, in the present age of global warming it is always advisable to go for green landscape contractors if you are looking for professionals to build a charming landscape that enhances the beauty of your house by manifolds.


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