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Given a chance we would always prefer to buy eco-friendly products sold by green businesses, wouldn’t we? Well, at least most of us would. Fortunately, eBay has launched an eco-friendly marketplace called World of Good that aims to sell eco-friendly products manufactured by green businesses, which it calls Eco Positive sellers, to People Positive or simply, eco-conscious and eco-friendly buyers. Quite a novel initiative, we must add.

The World of Good marketplace revolves around two concepts called Trustology and Goodprint. In trustology, every product has to be verified by at least one of the 36 eBay World of Good partner verifying agencies or Trust Providers. Just like nutritional information on food products, World of Good products carry trustology logos that certify that the green businesses that sell these products follow ethical business practices that are sustainable, transparent and at the same time promote economic empowerment.

eBay also uses Goodprint, a measure of the impact of a buyer’s positive action in terms of affecting people and the environment in a positive manner, being animal friendly and whether or not it supports a cause close to people’s hearts. World of Good even gives you the option to search and buy products according to particular Goodprint categories (People Positive, Eco Positive, Animal Friendly, and Supports a Cause) depending on which social cause you support or cherish the most.

Each Goodprint category is sub-divided into related categories. For instance, within People Positive you can choose whether your purchasing act should lead to economic empowerment, preserve ancient traditions, lead to people’s self-empowerment, enhance the quality of life or promote social justice education. Eco Positive purchases can lead to more eco-friendly production by green businesses, energy conservation, life-cycle engineering or promote education on ecological justice issues. Animal lovers may purchase animal-friendly products that lead to animal welfare and species preservation.

Buying products of green businesses can empower people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, it also helps preserve local customs, traditions and crafts as production takes place in a traditional, communal and cooperative setup, which enables transmission of indigenous knowledge from parents to children. Your positive act can economically empower the marginalized and those on the fringes, as 25-50% of the profits on certain People Positive tagged goods go to such small producers.

Finally, eBay lets people binge without feeling guilty, in fact spendthrifts may now justify their spending as socially conscious and environment friendly acts, which is quite a good thing actually.

So next time you want good of the world, think World of Good.


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