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Earth Day: Let’s Walk the Talk


As the economy struggles to come out of an all time low, one wonders, which of the giant corporations has the motivation and the greenbacks to spend doing something truly significant on Earth Day. In fact as corporate titans try to project themselves as green businesses, it is interesting to find out which of these are ’true blue’ green, or whether their projected intentions are just an attempt at corporate green-washing.

Thirty nine years after Earth Day was officially founded and celebrated, the world is still stuck with the catch 22 question of ‘Plastic bags or paper bags’. As Whole Foods promotes the paper bag, one is forced to wonder, does someone have an axe to grind? Dear reader, paper bag recycling is not as simple as it sounds and while one may argue that the net waste is biodegradable, recycling paper still requires wood pulp. Thus plastic bags are tree friendly. Personally, I prefer to carry my own cloth sack (It does not have to be hideous you know) to the store. I can reuse it a zillion times and when I am done I can replace it with another. While you digest that one, here is exciting news.

On Earth Day, Chevy Fuel solutions is going to launch their first ever podcast. It is going to highlight some of the efforts that the company is making to evolve into a green business. “We figured Earth Day was the perfect time for us to launch a podcast dedicated to showing our listeners what Chevy is doing to make our vehicles go from gas friendly to gas free.” (Adam Denison, GM Social Media Coordinator)

In the podcast they will talk about the following:

•    Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
•    E85 and cellulosic ethanol explained
•    GM and Chevy’s hybrid lineup and plans for the future
•    Improving the internal combustion engine
•    Electric vehicles
•    Common green myths
•    Recycling tips
•    Going green on a shoestring

Earth day is not about talking the talk. It is about making sustainable and simple choices that can be incorporated into everyday policy without adding to cost. Florida Power and Light has proven its merit as a green business by green thinking. In 2005, they urged people to plant the right tree in the right place. To quote “the right tree in the right place will provide shade, add to the beauty of property, help keep homes cool and lower power bills”. By the end of 2009, FPL will bring commercial solar power to homes in Florida. Way to go, FPL!

I used to be a sucker for those advertisements that featured weathered SUVs roughing it out in pristine wilderness. Till I realized it was a gas-guzzling monster in the wrong dream sequence. Why, oh why doesn’t a tiny electric car have the same appeal when placed in the same advertisement? Am I the hypocrite then?

On Earth Day 2009, Honda launches its Insight hybrid 5-passenger hatchback. Honda’s suggested retail price is $23,900 for the Insight LX. As we zoom into the future at light speed, it is heartening to see that corporate giants are taking it upon themselves to ensure that we do so on environmentally kinder vehicles (none quite as ecofriendly as a witch’s broom, but better than our existing gas guzzling ogres).


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