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Benefits of Running a Green Business


The benefits of running a green business cannot be stressed enough. It offers a lot of advantages and at the same time eliminates potential risks within your community.

As more and more individuals and companies realize the impact of global warming all over the world, the need to institute green businesses has never been more prevalent in the consciousness of many. A trivial example would be the hotel industry. Hotels particularly with stars appended on their brand names consume a great deal of water and other natural resources every single minute. But there are already a number of hotels that are beginning to take environment-friendly steps. Green hotels institute water and energy conservation and implementing the 3R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle among other green business methods.

What are some other ways to run a green company? Here are seemingly unimportant steps that would significantly decrease your company’s monthly expenses.

1. Turn lights off when not needed. This actually saves you almost 15% of your monthly electric bill. Implement a buddy system within your company so that a colleague can remind the other of his/her responsibility to turn off unnecessary lights.

2. For every one degree Celsius overheating over the maximum recommended of nineteen degree Celsius, you increase your monthly bill by about 8%.

3. Issue hybrid cars to employees rather than gasoline or diesel cars to hybrid cars. You not only save on costs as the government provides huge discounts to purchase one. At the same time, your employees enjoy equivalent car mileage and lesser fuel maintenance costs.

These are just a few examples your can implement to become a certified green business.

At the macro level, you unknowingly help save a lot of lives. You can help save properties, belongings and homes. In fact, you might actually be saving your own life and that of your family.

The environment today is not only unpredictable but more so unstable. Surely, you are aware of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which claimed many lives, damaged homes and surrounding property. Year by year, a good deal of typhoons, flashfloods, earthquake and the like strike the entire world. No one is exempted.

The best time to take steps in becoming a green business is NOW. Your mission and goals state that you are concerned for the welfare of your community. Put your concern into concrete actions. Set up an eco-friendly program for your company today. If you do have this capability, hire an eco-consultant. Although the cost may be significant, the end results will definitely benefit your green business so much more.


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