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Benefits of Going Green

March 16, 2010 | By: GBB | No Comments on Benefits of Going Green

The benefits of going green are motivated by a combination of personal and business rewards.  Individuals realize that going green usually starts as a small, personal commitment to save the planet.  The corporate commitment begins with a desire to save the planet, green the work environment and boost morale.  Whether the green initiative is personal or business-based, what starts as a small effort is quickly adopted by others in the home or workplace and escalates to a broader, more involved process.

The commitment to go green is accompanied by a gratifying sense of unity and accomplishment.  The power of this positive commitment cannot be underestimated.  It spreads from house to house and from business to business.  Now that the federal government has embraced the effort and supported it with job creation, financial incentives and multiple green initiatives, the sky seems the limit for the green movement.

Common Benefits of Going Green

The most obvious benefits of going green are:

  • Save the Earth – One of the primary reasons to go green is the benefit to the planet and to the world in which our offspring will live.  The environment has been abused for so long that we tend to think it more resilient than it is.
  • Health Benefits – The use of green products and organic foods reaps health benefits for everyone.  It is never too late to start a healthy green transition.  Prepare the young to carry on the effort so that it becomes a way of life.
  • Good for The Economy – Despite the efforts of those that would resist change, the current recession has provided a great opportunity to add jobs as well as capitalize on the many government initiatives that will reduce emissions and energy levels.  The Obama Administration and the EPA are serious about the green movement and about addressing climate change.
  • Reduce Reliance on Foreign Oil – The improvements and reduction in energy use results in more energy independence.  In these economic times, we should be spending money at home not abroad.
  • The Right Thing – Once businesses and individuals start their own green efforts, it becomes a passion.  Individuals and businesses find ways to improve efforts like recycling, reduction in energy use, emission reduction and reduction in the use of products like aerosols.  When entities get involved in the green effort, they inevitably wonder what took so long.  Going green looks and feels right, plain and simple.

Businesses Coming On Board

The world of business is finding additional benefits to support their green initiatives.

  • Fewer Sick Days – Some companies report that the healthier workplace has reduced sick days by as much as 20%.  Consistent attendance improves productivity.
  • Customers Support Going Green – Businesses are also discovering that customers appreciate and support companies that go green.  The green market product share increases every year.
  • Improve The Bottom Line – The 2009 stimulus plan has underscored the government’s commitment to going green with hefty tax incentives.  The government has also encouraged the development of new green companies, especially in the development of alternative energy sources.  The use of electric vehicles, renewable energy and many other green programs are rewarded with healthy tax credits.

Today’s business climate wants healthy work places and solid bottom lines that assure job security.  The green movement has so many positive effects on individuals and businesses.  Isn’t it time for you and your businesses to expand your green commitment?


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