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7 Green iPhone Apps

August 17, 2009 | By: GBB | No Comments on 7 Green iPhone Apps

These iPhone apps help the environmentally aware save gas, calculate carbon footprints, and easily find local foods and businesses.

With hundreds of apps available and more appearing every day, choosing just a few can be overwhelming. For anyone interested in green living, these seven apps are a must for any iPhone owner.

Clear Standards Carbon Tracker
This free app allows the user to calculate their carbon footprint, whether it’s from a trip to the market or a trip to Paris. The iPhone’s built-in GPS keeps track of the journey, so there’s no guessing involved.

For the truly eco-conscious, the “maximum emission goals” feature lets the user monitor their progress and reduce their carbon footprint.

3rdWhale: Find Green Businesses
Cut out time spent searching the web for local businesses and restaurants with the 3rd Whale application. This free app will help the user find anything from yoga centers to organic cafes within walking, biking, or driving distance.

3rd Whale currently lists over 65,000 businesses in its database in the U.S. and Canada. Extra features allow users to submit, rate, and review their favorite green businesses.

GasHog: Be Fuel Efficient
GasHog calculates the odometer reading, amount of fuel added, and total cost to generate the fuel economy of each and every tank. The user is also provided with tips on improving their vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Available for $0.99, this app can report in international units: miles per gallon, liters per 100 kilometers, or kilometers per liter.

iGasUp: Find Cheap Gas
At $2.99, this app provides the user with a list of local gas stations offering the cheapest gas prices. The iPhone’s GPS system allows the app to locate the user’s position, or simply enter a zip code to find cheap gas for a later destination.

The “closest” button shows the stranded user a list of the 10 closest gas stations with mileage distances. The app provides price info on regular unleaded, premium, and diesel.

Carticipate: Find a Carpool and Save
This free app is a network of participating members interested in carpooling to save gas. The user enters his information, including starting point, destination, and time, and Carticipate matches him or her with fellow users on similar routes.

What’s Fresh: Find Local Foods
This app for locavores or anyone interested in eating local scout out the freshest locally grown, in season foods.

Features include a dashboard which displays in season fruits and vegetables in the region, a calendar showing what products are available throughout the year, and where, and also lets the user know whether the foods were produced fresh or in a greenhouse.

What’s Fresh, available for $1.99, is supported in all fifty U.S. states.

iGreen: Keep Up With the Latest Green News
For $0.99, iGreen provides the user with up to the minute info on the latest news from sources like About My Planet, Azo CleanTech, VentureBeat, Green Biz, Green Computing, Hybrid Car Blog, and more.

The direct feed means the user always has first access to any updates in green technology and news.

Source: Michelle Schusterman


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