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10 Reasons to Choose Green Business Certification with GBB



Credit for the work you’ve already done.

We won’t ask you for a “do over” on your green activities. Our initial assessment will give you credit for the practices you’ve already put in place – shortening your path to sustainability.


A Green Plan tailored to your business.

Feel like changing light bulbs at midnight? No problem! Your personalized dashboard is available to you 24/7 – giving you unparalleled flexibility in executing your green initiatives. This is where you will track your progress and receive recommendations for your next steps.


Go green without the guesswork.

The EcoPlan is your step-by-step worksheet for each and every initiative in the program, outlining specific activities, helping you assign responsibility to your team members and connecting you with vendors who have the tools and supplies you need.


Real marketing tools.

From our exclusive member marketing kit to our best-in-class, interactive membership seal for your website, our certification is designed to help you get the most out of your green investment in terms of increased business and cost savings.


Big returns on your green investment.

Many of our 400+ environmental initiatives are free to implement, while others have shown to offer returns of 10 to 30 times the initial investment.


Exposure to green consumers.

GBB shares your green news with our network of newsletter subscribers and online community. We blast each new member’s business name and location and our existing members’ green updates have shown to drive significant traffic to member sites.


Valuable services.

New members, and members who have reached gold and platinum status, receive a free press release.


Access to more green resources.

Members of the GBB receive a free membership in Eco-Chamber, the leading green business advocacy and education organization – a $375 value.


Unlimited use of GBB’s logo and brand.

We’re not stingy – go ahead, use our logo and brand to share your green status, attract customers, and promote your business wherever you find a need.


Independent, third-party auditing.

Never be accused of greenwashing. As a GBB member, you have access not only to personalized, onsite support and training, but also to the transparency and assurance provided by onsite verification of your green activities.


Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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