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Wal-Mart Unveils Ambitious Eco-Friendly Program

If they green it, will we shop?
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. today officially unveiled its widely rumored plan to slap an “eco-rating” on products in its stores. The world’s largest retailer is betting that shoppers will care how green their purchases are -- and maybe even pay more for environmentally friendly merchandise.

The Greening Of The United States Military

It's pretty safe to say that the military doesn't spring to mind when you're making a list of organizations looking to go green. But, just as it does for any business, it makes sense -- and it's important -- for them to do so.
According to green tech blog Clean Technica, the Department of Defense is responsible for over 1.5% of all U.S. energy consumption, and it's now looking at greening the military.

Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Most Green Buildings

Every decently sized company with a PR team can claim to be going green these days. But how do you separate those who simply hang out an Earth Flag once a year to those who make real commitments in their daily activities? One good way is by looking at their physical facilities, since commercial and industrial buildings in the U.S. are responsible for about 45% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions and 50% of energy use.

Ten Tips for Finding Grants to Make Your Business Greener

Wading through the morass of information on green business grant programs can be challenging, particularly for small businesses that don't have the expertise or staff to manage grant writing. To ease the burden, our industry experts offer this advice on how to find the best programs for your needs and how to increase your odds of winning their approval.
1. Call your utility company and ask about the grants and rebates they offer.

Green California

The state of California's gateway for the latest about how the state is working to reduce consumption and improve the environment. It offers information for government agencies, purchasing officials, schools and those in the commercial real estate sector.
Follow links to detailed guides to the state's energy efficiency and conservation policies, sustainability, green building and green purchasing practices.

Going Green in the Workplace

There are endless ways to create a greener workplace from using recycled products to installing doubled-paned windows for better insulation. The best way to start is by taking small steps. Here are a few ideas you can work with.

Green Cleaning Businesses – What they are doing

Green cleaning businesses are emergent among all other green businesses. Residential and commercial cleaning services are embracing all natural cleaning methods as the core of their business value. Cleaning was generally associated with toxic and harmful chemicals. It is not unusual for cleaners to have rashes in their hands as a result of continued exposure to chemicals. Today, cleaning businesses have evolved into green and eco-friendly measures that benefit not only their customers but their employees as well.

Silos & Green Do Not Mix

‘Errare humanum est’, meaning ‘to err is human’. The green awakening is striving to put a brake on man’s erroneous ways with respect to mother earth and all her denizens. For decades together man has abused the generosity of nature and the fact that the rest of the earth’s population cannot protest. There is quite literally no one to voice a protest as entire ecosystems collapse and species after species die out because their world has turned hostile thanks to mankind’s ‘human’ errors.

What Are Hotels Doing to Be Green?

The first time I came across the ‘please re-use your towel’ policy at a hotel, I was stumped. They even said they would change the sheets daily if I demanded it, but not otherwise. What was the point of living at a hotel if I could not lord it? But in retrospect I realized what a simple do-able thing it was. We do not throw towels in the wash after a single use at home, do we? Neither do we change the bed linen every day. Contrary to popular belief, going green does not cost more.