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Ten Tips for Finding Grants to Make Your Business Greener

Wading through the morass of information on green business grant programs can be challenging, particularly for small businesses that don't have the expertise or staff to manage grant writing. To ease the burden, our industry experts offer this advice on how to find the best programs for your needs and how to increase your odds of winning their approval.
1. Call your utility company and ask about the grants and rebates they offer.

3 Tips on Green Business Opportunities

Environmentalists are having their year with so many new green business opportunies popping up, thanks to President Obama's call to environmental action. Starting a Green Business and profiting from the cause only makes environmentalist optimistic for the environment. "I don't care what it takes for someone to go green" Said Miami based GreenWorks President, Miles Anderson. "If profiting from a good cause get's others to help save our environment, I'm all for it" He said.

Why Clean Tech Start-Ups Should Go Green

I had the opportunity to be a sustainability coach to some of the Clean Tech Open semifinalists last week.
The Annual Business Competition provides green mentoring and sustainability workshops to help clean tech entrepreneurs integrate sustainability into their business plans. And I found myself stressing the business case for why integrating green made business sense.

200 Green Business Ideas

Green Biz Plan has compiled a great list of 200 green business ideas. The startup costs for each idea range from virtually nothing to millions of dollars. There are ideas from every industry from pet care, health care, to sports, construction, and art. You name it there is a green business opportunity in every category of business.

Jet Blue Launches New Jetting to Green Initiative

Traveling with your family is always a fun experience, but traveling on a green airline makes the trip much safer for both you and the environment. With so many people going green nowadays, it’s important to know that you and your family aren’t leaving a huge carbon footprint every time you take a vacation.

10 Rising Solar Careers

The world is changing very quickly. One of the fastest growing job markets is the solar industry. In the coming years, these jobs will dominate the marketplace. The best thing about solar jobs is that you can easily retool your current knowledge base to fit into a rising green career.

Unlocking Sustainability in the Music Business

What do steel, rubber factories, mechanics, gas pumps, freeways, and Detroit have in common? They all play a part in the ‘technological lock-in’ - as the academics say – of a less-than-green American car culture.
The music business, it seems, is locked in to huge stages, bright lights, semi-trucks, tour busses, jewel cases, power-hungry analog equipment and, perhaps most challenging, millions and millions of miles driven by fans to catch the show.

Going Green Makes Hotel Guests Happy

Amid a flurry of studies and surveys showing marked declines in occupancy, a new report shows that those guests who are visiting your hotels are satisfied. J.D. Power and Associates reports that despite cost-cutting measures and reduced occupancy, guest satisfaction ratings are going up. They’re happy with the check-in and the check-out procedures. They’re also quite pleased with the reservation process. Guest service has gotten high marks, showing that cash-strapped hotels (thanks to the economy) are still able to deliver.

Markets for Green Businesses: Law, accounting, and architecture firms

When asked: how “green” are you, the brains behind accounting, IT and architectural firms who, kudos to them – both the closet greens or eco-warriors who proudly bear their eco-badge on their sleeve – jump up to say that they are helping their clients drive sustainability solutions.
Even lawyers are realizing their impact on their environment. No seriously, lawyers are sharp enough to know that using all that virgin paper cannot be good to the environment.

Ferrari Cuts Emissions, Admits Irrelevance

Ferrari's lineup will spew less CO2 in the coming years. Setting a goal of using 40% less fuel by 2012, Ferrari is set to experiment with lighter materials and increased engine performance. Oh yeah, and since the luxury automaker expects to sell around only 6,000 cars this year -- most of which will sit under a car cover in a climate controlled garage 364 days a year -- they admit that it's kinda pointless.