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Even Wal-Mart sells organic cotton T-shirts these days, but you definitely don't have to be a retailing behemoth to take your business in a green or organic direction. In fact, entrepreneurs have an advantage when it comes to reaching customers who care about the cause as well as the products.

How oil dependent is your state?

The effects that fluctuating oil prices have had on the average American vary widely by state, according to a report released Wednesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Where the clean-tech jobs are

General unemployment may be on the rise, but the clean-tech sector should be a bright spot for job seekers, according to a report released Thursday by Clean Edge research.

New school year brings 'Green IT' college degree

Making data centers more energy efficient has been elevated to a college degree.
IBM on Wednesday said it has developed a two-year associates degree in "green data center management" in collaboration with the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Neb.

Domestic Green Engineer An Emerging Profession

With the rising concern for the environment, the demand for a domestic green engineer is on the rise. In the past, the nations were more concerned about their developments than the environment. This resulted in the gradual degradation of the environment, and an ecological imbalance. Consequently, there have been changes in the food chains; increases in air and water pollution; depletion of non-renewable energy resources; and deforestation and fast erosion of the top fertile soil. Now, the nations have woken up to these problems and are trying to restore the balance of nature.

Easy Ways to Green Your Desk

Whether you’re deep in the trenches of Corporate America, working for an small local business, or running your own office from home, it’s not hard to create a personal green haven at your desk. Here are just three ways to get started…

Detox and Destress

Green Efforts Save Symantec $2.1M in Energy Costs

Symantec Corp., an infrastructure software provider, is achieving significant business cost and productivity benefits including a projected energy cost savings of $2.1 million thanks to its ongoing “green” IT efforts. The cost savings is attributed to hardware device reduction and related power consumption savings from August 2007 to December 2010.

10 Tips For Saving Money While Traveling Green

In today’s post we’ll be combining two things that we love: saving money and traveling green.  Recently, we highlighted a study that revealed that most Americans are not ready to pay the extra money for traveling green.  Well, we believe that the premise of this study is a little skewed, because there are plenty of ways to save money while still traveling more green.  Many travelers have this notion that traveling green means visiting eco-friendly locations.  While this is one element of traveling green, it’s certainly not the breadth of what traveling

Report: 274 green patents filed in Q2

A report by the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index showed that 274 new patents were filed during the second quarter for green and alternative energy sources.
Of those, 156 were in fuel cell technology, up from 42 in the same quarter of last year. Solar patents totaled 51, compared with 36, while biofuel had 13, compared with five.
Japan led the geographic areas tracked with 75 granted clean energy patents and California was second with 29 granted clean energy patents.

Green Collar Job Sector Sparks New Trends with Online Degrees in Sustainable Business Practices

According to a recent article in USA Today, the growth in the "green collar" job sector is sparking a new trend in the world of higher education: degrees that prepare students for a career incorporating sustainability. From technical training in new energy technologies to graduate degrees in sustainable business practices, students looking for green degree programs will find a wide selection of colleges eager to meet that demand.