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This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and we're celebrating by giving your business the chance to go green for free!

Panasonic: New LED bulbs shine for 19 years

Panasonic has launched a new household LED lightbulb in Japan that it says lasts 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

The screw-in bulbs are part of the EverLed line, and they're scheduled to hit stores in Japan on October 21, with monthly production at 50,000 units. No changes to lighting equipment used for incandescents are required.

Aramark Brings Green 'To Go' Containers to College Dining Halls

Aramark introduces a resuable container for takeout food orders at college cafeterias this fall in a program the food service giant says can divert as many as 2 million disposables from landfills in a single school year.
The move to substitute throwaway cartons for reusable containers follows a pilot program during the past school year at Baylor University in Texas, the University of Florida, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Peace College and Salem College, which are also in North Carolina.

How to Shop for Green Cleaning Supplies

Some guidelines for shopping for nontoxic household cleaning products; avoid falling victim to "greenwashing" — the marketing of conventional items as eco-friendly. 

Eco-Friendly Beer Options

Beer is an art form. From wrangling the perfect strain of yeast to pouring the perfect pint, beer aficionados around the world argue about mashing, hopping, fermentation, and filtration. They dispute the material and contour of the bottle, the curve and temperature of the appropriate glass. Each person has a preference for ale or lager, light or dark, but many drinkers these days are developing a taste for beers of a greener hue.

17 Free Green Ebooks Worth Reading

Whether you like to read, enjoy learning new things, or just need a good resource to make your life a little greener - check out these free green ebooks and satisfy your literary cravings:

On Green Business

You Can’t Afford Not to be Green - 51 ways your business can save money and the planet. Read it online.

10 Products that Get a Tree Planted

Going Green has turned into big business for many.  With the world consciousness becoming more aware of our destructive direction as a society, more businesses are turning to eco-friendly solutions to not only help the world, but also to help their reputation.

The Truth About Green Business

The Truth About Green Business, by Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend, is a comprehensive guidebook for executives and professionals wanting to set pro-active priorities for all aspects of their business, including operations, marketing, design, finance, and management, with triple bottom line focus.

Green Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Apart from being good for my retail and wholesale conscience, spring cleaning has green benefits. It is a time to de-clutter (reduce), re-discover (the ‘aha!’ when you find something you purchased and completely forgot about) and re-cycle all the plastic bags and containers you have managed to hoard over the year. You may be one of those who keep their homes clutter free all year, diligent and disciplined. And then there are the rest of us slobs. I procrastinate and procrastinate till spring is here.