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Latino Consumers Present Growth Opportunity for Green Businesses

A recent Eco Pulse® survey showed that Latino Americans are not only the country’s fastest growing minority group, but are arguably the greenest group as well.  In fact, results showed that Latinos are significantly more likely to be searching for greener products than other populations.  When you consider that about 47 million Americans are Latino, or nearly one in six residents according to the

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Green Public Relations Budget

Timing is everything in the dynamically changing green economy, so agility is key to get the word out quickly and effectively. In the current economic climate, effective public relations is imperative for small business owners who are adding green product or services and startup entrepreneurs with great ideas for a service or product without the funding to pay for adequate marketing.

Eco-Friendly Web Designs Gain Popularity

Earth is a beautiful planet, and we often ignore that in our dreams of success. With so many issues going around related to Global-Warming and the environment, we have decided to create a list of website designs that portray an eco-friendly image. We have seen more and more corporates shifting toward having green aspects in their business, how about having a green aspect in the web design? Sit back and enjoy these refreshing green website designs.
1. Lipton

The Rules of Green Marketing

When it comes to shining a spotlight on certain sustainability issues, consumer groups and NGOs will target the most respected and trusted global brands. It’s the reason why Nike for child labor practices, Home Depot was targeted for sustainable harvested wood, McDonalds for Styrofoam clamshells and now obesity, and why Coke is similarly a target for packaging and sugar. What does this all mean for your business? Simply stated, if you don’t manage your business with respect to environmental and social sustainability, your business will not be sustained!

"So Right So Smart" is a Must Watch

For a long time a myth prevailed that a choice between business and environment had to be made, however today, thanks to the sustainability movement and contribution of environmental experts, the myth is dispelled. So Right So Smart is a documentary that explores the avenues of harmonizing economy with environment, and it succeeds big time. Narrated by Daryl Hannah of Kill Bill and Splash fame and one of America’s foremost sustainability advocates, the documentary film showcases some of the country’s household business names that have turned the green corner and profited.

Greening Your Brand: Frivolous or Essential?

Conventional wisdom might dictate that in these tough economic times, going green is a luxury to be avoided.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

While sustainability may have once been viewed as a frivolous “niche” venture, numerous surveys and studies show that pursuing sustainability is an increasingly intelligent strategy, potentially leading to greater efficiency and more powerful brands. This, of course, leads to greater fiscal rewards.

An Unlikely Partnership: Private Equity Goes Green

A recent Fortune magazine video highlights an unlikely partnership, private equity firm KKR joins with Environmental Defense Fund to reduce waste and consumption at the firm's portfolio companies.  They've realized that going green will boost the bottom line of the companies they own.  And specially for a private equity firm, that's of upmost importance.