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Green Tech IP: Look Before You Leap



Green Tech IP: Know the Lay of the Land

Why does green tech, and the IP that protects it, play such an important part in every-day business decisions? Take the following illustration:

Green Tech IP: Pitfalls and Profits

When a major manufacturer spent millions to develop a new, environmentally friendly line of products, this was a reflection of modern society’s focus on “green tech”.  Over and above the improved product itself, the green tech embodied in it was also a highly valuable asset.  One of the company’s significant challenges was to guard its investment against appropriation by others, in this case through patenting that green tech.  However, securing a patent requires establishing, to the satisfaction of the U.S.

Apple Solar Powered iPods, Laptops, iPhones on the way?

Apple has its eye on the sun as a source of energy for iPods.

Printable Lithium Batteries Coming Soon

First came printable solar cells, then printable OLED lights, and now, ladies and gentlemen, we have printable lithium batteries.  Japanese researchers have announced they've developed a way to manufacture the batteries with mass-output, roll-to-roll printing technology.

U.S. to Inject $187 Million into Fuel Efficiency

The Obama administration is announcing on Monday the selection of nine projects totaling $187 million aimed at improving the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks.

The funding includes more than $100 million from the $787 billion economic stimulus plan President Barack Obama pushed through Congress last February. An additional 50 percent will come from the private sector, according to the announcement to be made by U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu in Columbus, Ind.

Almost Half of U.S. Consumers Would Choose a Green Cell Phone

According to the poll of 1,000 American adults carried out by ABI Research, just 7% would be willing to pay a premium to go green, a figure that may cause cell phone companies to think deeply before investing heavily in environmentally friendlier models.

U.S. Puts Green Tech Patent Applications on the Fast Track

The federal government wants to help companies bring green technologies to market quickly with a new pilot program designed to put green technology patent applications on a fast track.

The U.S. Commerce Department's Patent and Trademark Office announced the pilot program could shave a year from the time it takes to get a patent for certain green technologies, such as those related to environmental quality, energy conservation, renewable energy development and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Unveils Deforestation Monitor demonstrated a new platform that, if implemented in conjunction with a proposed United Nations program, could provide a significant tool to combat climate change.

Its new "high-performance satellite imagery-processing engine" can process terabytes of information on thousands of Google servers while giving access to the results online.

LED lights creep toward mainstream in 2010

The first contact many consumers have with LEDs is when stringing lights on the Christmas tree. But improvements in the energy-efficient lighting technology mean that more people will start screwing in LEDs for general lighting next year.