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Each person receives about 41 pounds of junk mail per year and spends about 70 hours each year dealing with junk mail. Junk mail destroys 100 million trees every year, and some of the junk paper can't be recycled because of toxic inks. When you stop junk mail at the source, you're saving time and trees.

Junk Mail as it Affects You:

  • More than 4 million tons (62,000,000,000 (billion) pieces) of junk mail are produced yearly. 
  • California's state and local governments spend $500,000 each year collecting and disposing of AOL's direct mail disks alone.
  • $320 million of local taxes are used to dispose of unsolicited mail each year. It costs $550 million yearly to transport junk mail.

Junk Mail as it Affects the Environment:

  • 100 million trees are ground up each year for unsolicited mail.
  • 42% of timber harvested nationwide ends up as pulpwood for paper.
  • It wastes 28 billion gallons of water for paper processing each year.
  • If you cut your bulk mail for 5 years, you'll conserve 1.7 trees, 700 gallons of water and prevent 460 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.

Where to start: