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First came printable solar cells, then printable OLED lights, and now, ladies and gentlemen, we have printable lithium batteries.  Japanese researchers have announced they've developed a way to manufacture the batteries with mass-output, roll-to-roll printing technology.

The printed battery sheet is very thin (500 μm), flexible (allowing it to be attached to curved surfaces) and designed for use with a flexible solar battery, a combination that could be both a power generator and power storage unit.  The battery prototypes have an output voltage of 2V - 4V, but the battery capacity hasn't been revealed.  The benefit of the roll-to-roll printing is that its highly efficient, meaning cheaper production.

Unlike other prototype technology, this cool breakthrough isn't one that we'll have to wait 10 years to see in production.  The research team, who work with the Advanced Materials Innovation Center of Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center in Japan, plans to finish studying the technology and start shopping around for commercial opportunities sometime next year.

Source: Megan Treacy