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There are a lot of reasons why you should choose to buy Energy Star copiers. You not only reduce total energy consumption at the office but you also save on office expenses such as paper, ink, drums among others. Most importantly, you are able to conserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission released by copiers.

In 1995, the US Environmental Protection Agency launched the Energy Star copier program. The program was conceptualized to address extreme wastage that copiers produce courtesy of small and medium size business. Since then, many manufacturers have transformed traditional copiers into eco-friendly ones.

In a report published by the US Environmental Protection Agency entitled, “Greening your purchase of copiers: A Guide for Federal Purchasers,” it states that 200 billion of sheets of paper or equivalent to an estimate of 20 million trees will be saved if everyone will only sell and buy eco-friendly copiers.

Further, these are the harmful effects of a traditional copier:

1. Medium speed copiers consume about 1500 – 2500 watts while active.

2. High speed copiers consume about 2500 – 3500 watts while active. 3000 watts is equivalent to 20 active desktop personal computers.

3. Copiers eat up 70% of your total energy consumption. Copiers need to be kept warm when idle and/or left on overnight which uses lots of energy. Another reason is because these copiers need wait minutes of long intervals between standby to active mode and standby to off mode.

Because copiers sit all day in idle mode, energy is completely wasted. When you turn a traditional copier, it will take a lot of time before it can be used. Particularly in a busy office environment, one cannot afford to waste time. It definitely makes sense for employees to leave copiers in standby mode. However, this practice costs about a significant energy waste in your business operations. Energy Star rated copiers help you save almost 60% of your annual electric cost because the copier automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use. Also, the recovery time between sleep and off mode intervals are significantly reduced. The average interval is about 30 seconds. Energy Star rated copiers also uses duplex type of copying. This means that when you press the On button, the copier actually prints out on both sides of the paper. This feature saves energy as well as papers expense. These eco-friendly copiers also make use of dust and/or ozone filters to limit greenhouse gases emissions. The Energy Star rated copiers are designed to operate under a cool temperature thereby reducing energy consumption. Maintenance is one of the major headaches of copier owners. Copiers conk out when used incorrectly. This also happens when copiers are overused or turned on over a continued period of time. Energy Star rated copiers are intended to last longer which can significantly lower your need for a technician.

There are specific brands and models that are most recommend among other Energy Star rated brands. Brand names include Panasonic FP-7728 and FP-7735, Ricoh FT-5535, Xerox 230 DC and Canon NP-6230. Among other copier manufacturers involve Konica, Minolta, Sharp, Mita, Toshiba and Oce.