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For a long time a myth prevailed that a choice between business and environment had to be made, however today, thanks to the sustainability movement and contribution of environmental experts, the myth is dispelled. So Right So Smart is a documentary that explores the avenues of harmonizing economy with environment, and it succeeds big time. Narrated by Daryl Hannah of Kill Bill and Splash fame and one of America’s foremost sustainability advocates, the documentary film showcases some of the country’s household business names that have turned the green corner and profited. This includes Wal Mart, Barenaked Ladies, Stonyfield Farm, Patagonia and Guster.

However the showpiece green business featured in So Right So Smart is Interface Inc, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpets. Ray Anderson, Interface founder Chairman, reveals that company costs went down and not up after his business turned green, which will come as a pleasant surprise to many CEOs who believe that there is inverse relationship between environment sustainability and company bottom lines. Anderson states that his company’s goal is to become 100 percent environment neutral by 2020 by eliminating its negative environmental impacts. But he continues that the biggest benefit businesses can reap by going green is the tremendous goodwill generated in the marketplace, which is otherwise impossible to achieve, even by million dollar marketing budgets.   

Even Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retail chain, has profited from going green. Its goals are to solely use renewable energy, completely eliminate waste and sell environment sustaining and strengthening products. So Right So Smart tries to initiate a dialogue between the top environmentalists and business brains to develop new synergies between economy and environment. The film’s primary message is that investing in green business isn’t a costly proposition even in recessionary times, rather green businesses profit majorly in the long run by investing in environmentally sustainable business.

The USP of So Right So Smart is it’s realism as contrasted to idealistic pro-environment propaganda. The film discusses the issues, doubts, and challenges that await any management contemplating going the green way. Apart from Ray Anderson, the film also features other icons like Dr. David Suzuki, Janine Banyus, Paul Hawken and Yvon Chouinard. Scheduled for May 30 release the film has already created ripples in various film fests. It won the Best of Festival award at Wild and Scenic 2009, America’s top environment film fest, and has also been nominated for the Las Vegas and Atlanta Film Festivals.

A must watch for all and particularly, green activists, business heads and the remaining doubters.