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Newmarket International

Portsmouth, NH

  • Save $60k+ annually due to green efforts
  • Save $1,508 with paperless travel itineraries
  • Saved $42k a year with electronic shipping
  • Saved $5k on 45,000 kitchen utensils

Super 8 Ukiah

Ukiah, CA

  • Serves 100% organic coffee and tea at breakfast
  • Offers electrical vehicle charging station
  • Increased visibility on travel search engines
  • Uses environmentally safe room cleaning products

ASME, Inc.

Hayward, CA

  • Offers environmentally friendly cleaning solvents
  • Save $1,000s by eliminating water bottles
  • Expanded customer base by appealing to green clients
  • Use natural colored recycled paper to raise awareness

Ayres Associates

Madison, WI

  • Started employee hybrid-car incentive program
  • Recycling contest raised over 500 lbs of batteries
  • Use green signage to reduce consumption
  • Established rooftop veggie garden



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