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GBB Press Kit 2011


What are the Benefits of Going Green for a Business? Public relations, cost saving, tax credit, healthier workplace and consumer demand are some of the benefits. According to Green Business Bureau website, companies that promote healthier workplace report a 20 percent decrease in the number of sick days used by employees.


How Green Entrepreneurs pave the path to Real Economic Recovery. Sep 30, 2010. Necessity really is a powerful mother of invention. Green entrepreneurs like James Cass (Mojave Breeze), Spencer Brown (RentaGreenBox) and Marcos Cordero (Green Business Bureau) are proving innovation holds promise for real growth. Home Page

Making Smart, green changes can reap huge rewards for hotels. Dec 15, 2010. With the bundled benefits of environmental stewardship, customer base  development and increased market exposure, going green has ascended from idealistic  to practical.


25 Predictions for Spring’s Small Business. Feb 2, 2011. “This is going to be another great year for green, as we are starting to see it go mainstream. More and more consumers are actively seeking it, making green business a must-have”, Marcos Cordero,

Easy Affordable Ways to Green Your Business. Apr 19, 2010.Contrary to what many cash-strapped small-business ownersmay think, Marcos Cordero,CEO of the Green Business Bureau, which offers green business certification, says sustainability management doesn’t have to cost a lot.


Quality Life Fitness to Open in Highland Village. Dec 17, 2010.“Being green offers Quality Life Fitness significant cost savings, which puts them at a competitive advantage over other gyms in the area,” says Marcos Cordero, CEO and Co-Founder of Green Business Bureau. “From a marketing standpoint it allows them to reach out to the ever-growing green consumer who looks for eco-friendly labels when choosing products and services”.


Trust Provider Directory. This directory lists organizations with a stated vision for promoting social good. They verify the activity of their members or their members’ products to foster commerce that maintains and encourages transparency, sustainability, economic empowerment, and ethical business practices.


Ten Green Business Practices to Save Your Hotel Money. Nov 8, 2010. 10 ways for hotels to save money without compromising on customer service.



Green Business Practices That Will Save Your Hotel $8,021 Per Employee. Sep, 2010. With over 250 initiatives, Green Business Bureau’s Certification program helps businesses save significantly on material and operational costs and grow their business by attracting green travelers.


Partnership Offers Personalized Green Certification. April 26, 2010. The Green Business Bureau(GBB) and Green Irene LLC have recently partnered to create an all-inclusive audited green business certification program that will offer the expertise of local Eco-Consultants to help GBB members achieve certification, coupled with on-site commercial audits to establish ongoing eligibility.


40 Trees ultimate Cy-FairPlanted at Jersey Village HS. Nov 11, 2010. The cost of the donated trees, digging, planting, watering and maintenance for the trees is worth nearly $13,000, all of which was given by the volunteers from the Green Business Bureau and The New Nursery and Trees for Houston.


Green Business Practices Help Firms Save Money, Boost Morale and Improve Image. According to Marcos Cordero, co-founder and CEO of the Green Business Bureau (GBB), the green economy is growing 20 percent faster than the average U.S. economy.


Green Business Bureau Helps Businesses Get Most Environmental Bang for Their    Buck. Jun 29, 2009. At the core of the GBB organization is a program of green  initiatives essentially, specific and cost-efficient tasks that businesses can undertake on their path to sustainability.


Easy, Affordable Ways to Green Your Business. Apr 19, 2010. Green business initiatives are buzzworthy for good reason: They are a boon to the environment as well as a company’s balance sheet. A greener workplace reduces impact on the planet while being a healthier and more productive place to work.



Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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