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Hoffman, LLC


Hoffman is a group of expert planners, architects and construction managers with a single goal: to create physical environments that positively impact people’s lives.
Through our unique TPMg process, we take the classic principles of Total Project Management – single source accountability, efficient communications, and creative, cost-effective solutions – and expand them to the power of green, providing environmentally responsible, sustainable design solutions.
The results are environments of remarkable vision, ones that inspire, enrich, comfort and energize on both individual and community-wide levels.


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Gimme Shelter Construction, Inc.


At Gimme Shelter, we love the art and craft of home-building. Our creative blend of energy-efficient, high-performance homes and artful design sets us apart from other builders.
Respecting the earth’s resources is a commitment we share with our clients and crew.
Shelter from the storm, a source of inspiration, a healthy haven – your home should be all of these things.
Gimme Shelter’s vision of thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship, and sustainability will ensure that it is.


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Story Me This Productions, Inc.


Caring, Pure and Simple. We care about the earth. All things on it and about you and your success. Making more connections than the airlines could ever dream of. Story Me This Productions will develop communication strategies to connect you with larger audience, and get you on the UP & UP.


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Promotional Product Solutions, LLC


Promotional Product Solutions is the industry’s first and only provider of Socially Responsible Promotions® — creating corporate promotional marketing solutions that are socially conscious and earth-friendly.
We are always on the threshold of a new dawn.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.For us, it’s not just about cool swag or clever trinkets. In an industry of 19,000 distributors, Promotional Product Solutions (PPS) is the first and only distributor providing custom tailored, high quality Socially Responsible Promotions®.


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Productive Knowledge Inc


Public relations and marketing, with emphasis on electronic marketing services such as websites and e-mail newsletters, and strong focus on green marketing and PR.


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Good For Business


Realizing businesses aren’t brands to be built, but causes to believe in, we help unearth, capture, and communicate our client’s noble cause via everything from names and logos to Web sites and television.”


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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