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Vashon Organics


When we test products, we first look for only the purest botanical ingredients. We avoid any petroleum distillates and questionable fixatives. We seek products that use only the finest natural or organic herbs and extracts, pure essential oils and organic fruit and nut oils, and organic butters. Our next test is a very personal one. We use the products we’ve selected on ourselves, our friends, and our families before we offer them to you. If anyone who is testing a product reports a negative response (other than a preference for or against scents), we do not offer that product.


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Green America’s Guide to Ending Sweatshops


“Let Green America help you shop responsibly with the latest edition of one of our most popular resources.” The guide includes resources for buying sweatshop-free, companies to avoid, ways to take action, and more! Download the guide, or request hard copies mailed to you for just the cost of shipping. Co-op America is now Green America. New name, same mission.


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Ganesh Himal Trekking & Trading Co.


Since 1984, we have been supplying shops and retail customers in the U.S.with high quality, handcrafted clothing, jewelry, textiles, and paper. We import directly from small cottage industries in Nepal, including development projects working to improve the lives of Tibetan refugees and women.
Our goal has always been to support work that enhances people’s lives and traditions. We work directly with the
producers as a team, expanding each others’ talents and ideas. It is rewarding to work with such skilled artisanswho enjoy
what they do and to know that they realize a fair return for their work.


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Ojoba Collective


Ojoba Collective was started in 2003 as a means to help poor villagers in West Africa gain a fair wage for their crafts. Working as teachers in a rural village in Ghana gave us an up-close look at the challenges faced by local people in West Africa. Most live at a very subsistence level, and often go hungry, or cannot afford basic needs like health care and school fees. We realized that one of the biggest obstacles to development in the region was a basic lack of financial resources. We met so many wonderful, talented, and hardworking people, but there was just simply not enough economic opportunities for them to improve their situations.


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Nurture My Body


Here at Nurture My Body we make absolutely chemical free beauty products. And they’re made with certified organic ingredients, not tested on animals, phthalate-free, bottled in glass not plastic, and packaged with eco-friendly materials. Why go to all that trouble? It’s no trouble at all because we care about you and yours.


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Moon Valley Organics


Moon Moon Valley Organics is a family owned and operated business located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range. We use only the highest quality ingredients, incorporating sustainable farming & wild crafting techniques whenever possible. Combining proven scientific research and traditional medicinal knowledge, our product development team including a Naturopathic (ND), Oriental Medicine (AOM, Lac) and Traditional Medical (MD) practitioner, and an Herbal Scientist (BS, Herbal), specifically formulated our health and beauty products. Each of our botanical formulas incorporates the concept of synergy, which means the interaction of combined ingredients has greater effect than that of the ingredients individual effects. All of our products are petroleum-free and we never test on animals. We consciously grow, manufacture and distribute our products from seed to sale. All of our healing products are personally handcrafted, and most of the botanicals we use are wild crafted or grown on our farm.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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