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Green Ink Copywriting


Need to get the word out about your Green, sustainable, natural health or socially-conscious company? Overwhelmed with the amount of time and work involved? You need an expert who understands sustainability issues AND has a solid grasp of effective marketing. I help ecopreneurs who want to spread their vision to the world and companies wishing to speak to Green consumers in a voice they trust and understand. I can help you develop sales materials for customer retention and lead generation, including:  Effective sales writing  Website content  Publicity  Social media  White papers  Ghostwriting services  User-friendly technical writing Visit to find out how I can help you build sustainable connections to your customers. Best, Anne Michelsen Green Ink Copywriting P.S. Be sure to request a copy of my report, “Making Sense of the Green Sector: What Every Marketer Should Know About Selling Sustainable Products and Services.” It’ll help shed some light on the very dynamic and confusing market you’re dealing with!


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Arctic Glass & Window Outlet


Sells new surplus tempered insulated glass for sunrooms, storefronts, and passive solar structures. Since 1979. Visit


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Green 3


green 3 is built on a personal philosophy of honesty, environmental awareness, love of family, and a sense of childlike wonder that no one should ever outgrow.
green 3 is located in the beautiful rural Midwest. After seeing the bright lights of big cities all over the world, the realization was easy to come by; that who you are and what you stand for is never defined by where you are or what you wear.
green 3 promises to always embody this spirit of individualism, and seeks to only compliment and reflect the inner style that all of us possess.


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Good Earth Soap


Thoughtfully creates a variety of natural handmade soaps, body care products and soy candles that are blissfully pure and simply natural.


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Four Elements Herbals


Four Elements Herbals began in 1987 as the pursuit of my dream to establish a family farm and continue my horticultural career while raising our son, Forrest. After completing a B.S. in horticulture, I began specializing in the healing qualities of herbs. My husband, David, and I supplied stores with organically grown potted herbs and developed an extensive herb collection. Herbs became a way of life from cooking and crafts, to body care and healing. It is from our tried-and-true experience that we created Four Elements body care products.


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Natural Choices Home Safe Products, LLC


NATURAL CHOICES is a company committed to offering quality household cleaning products that are: Environmentally Safe, Superior in Performance and Economical to Use. NATURAL CHOICES will only offer products which are non-toxic upon decomposition and which are based on naturally derived raw materials whenever possible. Our products do not contain fillers; we will not charge our customers for useless additives or for water. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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