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Bang It Services

At Bang It Services, we provide homeowners with ideas & solutions to any home improvement service they may need. We’ll take you from A to Z step by step. We care about the environment and our homeowners respect. If you’d like to deal with a company that shows value & morality, give us a call.

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Green Now, LLC


Green Now is an organization whose goal is to promote green, safe and healthy living. We have made a commitment to become as environmentally aware and sensitive as possible by educating ourselves, our friends and families on issues related to health and safety. We strive to provide useful and well researched information and products that will help everyone protect themselves and their environment, stay healthy and promote environmentally friendly practices.

We have partnered with a leader in the green industry, Nixall, to provide the safest, most effective disinfecting and cleansing solution on the market.


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eleGreen is a group of individuals passionate about eliminating tons of e-waste from landfills each year by providing consumers a fast, safe, and easy way to recycling mobile devices for cash! We strive to offer industry-leading prices to consumers as well as fast free shipping and electronic receipts  payments, and communications. With eleGreen consumers get green for going green and the environment benefits!


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Rio Designs


Platinum GBB Member

Rio Designs Service Lifestyle PR News EST.2012

Marketing & Branding – ECO Green Awareness

Christine Feldmann, Founder

Rio Designs understands today’s business landscape and can help you grow faster and stronger by getting your messages out to those who matter most — and within your budget. That’s why they have created a full- Service Lifestyle PR News – Production Development packages designed to save you money. Rio Designs focusses on national and international branding – marketing with PR News Article(s) featuring your business in a positive light. Rio Designs PR News Solutions provides you with everything you need to jump-start your branding efforts and reach a potential audience of millions. Get your message out to your target audience through our extensive Strategic Social Media Implementation solutions, combined with the power and reach of our PR News Article featuring your company. Increase your public prominence by making an image available to an audience of thousands. They also offer exclusively a full service of Production Development packages. Thus enhancing the connection with the right people, through the powerful targeting capabilities and optimizing your release for search engine visibility. By working on a freelance basis they are able to provide you with the same results as a large company without the overhead costs. Learn more about the professional services provided by the talented staff at Rio Designs

We offer Online – Service Lifestyle PR News Solutions / Packages

•Eco Green Awareness


•PR News Article(s)

•Public Relations

•Fashion Production Development

•BTS – Behind The Scenes Videography & Photography

•Strategic Social Media Implementation

•Branding and Marketing

•Logo Creations


•Email marketing

•Tag Lines

- Creative Marketing Strategies – Via 3rd Party Printing:

•Business Card Designs

•Brochure Designs

•Car Magnets Logo Designs

•Tote Logo Bags Designs

•T- Shirt Logo Designs

● WordPress – Website Development ● Webmaster Administrative Service

● Social Media Implementation Solutions



3.Google +



Rio Designs – Local Social Media Coach

Coaching: Seminars, Classes, Business Meetings, One on One and Virtually.

Rio Designs Love * Shop * Live * Life

ECO Green Fashion – Supporting Communities in Need

“As part of the global community, Rio Designs is pleased to be a regular contributor to Charitable Organizations and Foundations. The goal is with every sale to donate a percentage to support communities in need with; housing, medical care, education, basic needs and necessities including to alleviate poverty in vulnerable communities in Brazil and in the United States of America. Also being a strong supporter and advocate to the protection of the Amazon rainforest. Being environmentally conscious is an inherent characteristic of the Rio Designs business model. It is a small business founded on environmentally friendly practices that are integral to the business efficiency in operations”.

Industry Sector: Fashion, Music, Architectural Design, Architectural Landscaping and Interior Design also including but not limited to Furniture, Lighting, Art and Accessories for the Home.

We Support: World Wildlife Fund ~ Greenpeace ~ Amazon Watch

We Support and Spread Awareness for Catalytic Communities, Brazil

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Help the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

A Wonderful Cause and Worth Fighting For!

BRAZIL – The Amazon is home to the largest remaining rain forest in the world!

We must preserve the Amazon Forest and STOP Deforestation!

We Support – Amazon Watch

We Support – Greenpeace

We Support – CatComm


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White Corner Professional Cleaning Inc.


White Corner Professional Cleaning provides complete commercial cleaning, building maintenance and janitorial supplies.


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Pear Energy


Pear Energy provides clean energy to homes and businesses throughout the US. There is no need to install a wind turbine or solar panel; our partner wind and solar projects generate the energy on-site and then distribute it to the energy grid that connects to your home or business. There are no sign up fees, no switching costs, no contracts, and, most importantly, no interruptions in your power. You receive hassle-free, clean energy at your home or business, and we continue to build the clean energy model and green economy in the US.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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