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Translucent Advertising


We have found a solution to the plastic bag problem! Made using only naturally compostable materials, Translucent Advertising’s 100% compostablet-shirt bags which decompose naturally over time and leave no harmful residues behind.
All grocery, restaurants and retail locations contracted with Translucent Advertising receive our green bags at no cost, immediately saving the stores money and removing the need to use plastic bags.
Companies who advertise their products and/or services on our green bags are guaranteed daily impressions of their ads because all grocery store, restaurant and retail locations within the select networks are under agreement to use our green bags exclusively.


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V & V Supremo Foods, INC.


V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality authentic Mexican style foods, headquartered in Chicago, IL. V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. provides a comprehensive line of Mexican style cheese, chorizo, crema and goods not only for the retail grocery market but for the food service industry as well.


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Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co.


Manufacturer and distributor of a unique line of high-quality long-life energy-saving lighting products. Newly patented Evolution CFL, full-spectrum bulbs, ballast, HIDs, and fixtures.


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VRAI Transformation


As experienced professionals we are passionate about serving businesses that envision excellence and innovation. We work with organizations to apply emerging principles, tools and templates that lead to high performance organizations. Our commitment is to enhance the Triple Bottom Line ; the measurement of a company’s worth by its social, environmental and economic value.


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Sphinx Enterprises Ltd.


If you’ve made the decision to go green and are interested in using sustainability to reduce costs, increase profits, and gain a competitive edge, then Sphinx Enterprises is the right choice for you. We focus on working with corporate business leaders, municipalities and entrepreneurs that are environmentally conscience and interested in taking advantage of the business benefits of going green.


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SKAN Project, LLC


We are Sustainability Strategists, creating sustainability initiatives that guide business through environmental stewardship as well as social and cultural responsibility towards profitability.
We Design GREENPRINTS, crafting empowering solutions for sustainability that help your business become a leader in its industry and for the World.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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