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RES-Q Cleaning Solutions Inc.


The gold standard for “green” cleaners.” 100% biobased, made from renewable resources. Nontoxic household and industrial cleaners, pet products, and plant wash. Environmentally safe, people safe, animal safe. Contract manufacturing, private label.
RES-Q Cleaning Solutions is an Ohio based Corporation. Family owned and operated, all of our products are made in our factory in the USA. Our business is your safety we manufacture environmentally safe and toxic free cleaning, animal, pet and plant care products.


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A Natural Home


Manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of organic cotton adult and baby mattresses, upholstered organic cotton. Hemp and natural latex furniture made by the Amish.


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Mercer Color Corporation


Established in 1981 and centrally located within 2 hours of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo, we are a full color printing company that has invested itself in the technology necessary to stay in the pioneering role of expanding boundaries and demanding excellence.
Our answer to this call is Ecologically Controlled Offset Printing or in short ECOLITH®, and you will find it exclusively at Mercer Color Corporation since 1996.


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Precious Dignity


The Parent Shoppe, manufacturer of the Cloverâ„¢ Brand diapers and covers. We proudly make every item in Columbus, Ohio with only USA milled organic cotton and wool and back up each product with our lifetime warranty.


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Naturepedic, a GOTS certified organic mattress and bedding company founded by parents, grandparents and scientists. Naturepedic understands the potential harm that can come from toxic chemicals and is committed to providing safer and healthier mattresses and bedding accessories for our children. Give your child a healthier tomorrow by removing harmful chemicals today.


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Yurich Creative


Yurich Creative is a marketing communication design firm specializing in developing ideas that will grow and nurture a company. We to stay up-to-date on sustainable practices, so we can offer you methods to do more with less. Our creative staff are sensitive to whatever your specific needs may be. Sponsor of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, Co-op America Approved.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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