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Whole Systems Design, LLC


We develop human habitats – landscape and building systems – that yield perennial abundance and enduring value. These are adaptive, resilient and secure places in a future of peak oil, climate instability, and deepening economic insolvency.
We design and implement regenerative food, fuel, and shelter systems that thrive on current solar energy.
Developing this solar infrastructure requires a multi-disciplinary approach integrating ecology, agriculture, architecture, and construction. Our process and results are scalable from residential properties to neighborhoods to regions.
We work across all project phases from visioning and goals articulation to site selection, site planning, construction management, project communications, and research/education.
Our clients are engaging a more resilient and enjoyable transition into the post-petroleum age of increasing climate, economic and cultural instability.


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From reusable grocery bags to green cleaning products to complete green baby care, Green-kits offers a perfectly packaged green kit for everything. Green-kits takes the guesswork out of choosing the most effective earth friendly cleaning products, household products, reusable grocery bags, and great green gifts.
Our kits contain the leading brands of non-toxic household cleaning products, environmentally-friendly paper and household goods, earth friendly baby care, and certified organic shopping and grocery bags – organized and assembled in easy-to-use kits. And we don’t stop our green efforts there. Any of our products and green kits are available in environmentally friendly gift form – making it easier than ever to give that perfect green gift today.


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Terra Firma Landscape


Terra Firma Landscape was founded as a one-person company specializing in garden maintenance.
We offer specific expertise in caring for boxwood and perennials, with tailored maintenance programs meant to suit each client’s needs and budget. Our proper pruning and care allows for optimal growth and overall health of your landscape investment.
Our programs are safe and holistic, with an educated approach to pesticides and chemicals. Our ability to accurately identify pests and diseases means no wasted chemicals or pesticide overage leaching into your water systems. Whenever possible, Terra Firma uses organic materials with as much or more success as more dangerous chemicals.


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Sunbiosis, PLC


SUNBIOSIS plc is a small, full service architecture firm in Charlottesville, Virginia that offers sustainable design and LEED consulting services. Our background includes residential, institutional, community and commercial projects which incorporate passive + active solar, energy + water efficiency, and green building materials. We specialize in designing single family residences for certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program.


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Peabody Architects


At the turn of the millennium, we committed our practice to sustainable design. Since that time we have been making homes with a smaller carbon footprint, filled with non-toxic, recycled materials. They are comfortable and durable. Our Passive Houses are taking this to the next level, using only 10% of the heating and cooling energy of a standard home.


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Ideas On Legs


Bill Hess is the Owner and Founder of Ideas On Legs. He is a product designer, artist, teacher, and engineer with a studio near Charlottesville, Virginia. Through his business Ideas On Legs, he creates original products and sculpture in glass and metal, consults in design and engineering, and facilitates lectures and workshops. He has extensive experience as a glass artist and designer showing in galleries and creating commissioned work. He has expertise in many areas of product development using plastics, metals, and glass from research and prototyping through full-scale manufacturing.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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