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Green Label Organic Sustainable Threads


Green Label Organic was co-created five years ago as a labor of love for me, a long time T-shirt designer who has always wanted to change the world, and my wife Rain, an extraordinary organic grower and lifetime environmentalist.
After learning about the severe environmental impact of conventionally grown cotton, we set out to educate and inform as many people as possible to the importance of supporting organic farming and responsible, sustainable business practices.


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Perfect Organics, Inc.


Our mission is simple: to create wholesome organic, vegan, multi-use products unrivaled in perfection, purity and effectiveness for men, women, and children. We know that what you put on your skin has to be perfect because it can be easily absorbed directly into your body –that’s why you will never find chemical additives, artificial ingredients, fillers or synthetic preservatives of any kind in Perfect Organics.™


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Garden of Eve’s Natural Organic Skin Care


Garden of Eve products feed the skin what is needed to balance and nourish on a cellular level, without any buildup to clog the pores or prevent the skin from breathing. Made without harmful synthetic ingredients, the natural organic and wild crafted botanicals in Garden of Eve facial toners and moisturizer creams are completely absorbed and become part of your skin’s health. The essential oils chosen for our formulations are known for their anti aging properties and can be used on ultra sensitive skin without worries.


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Amazon Herb Co.


Natural vegan skincare, organic chocolate, teas and herbs balance the body and bring the healing energy of the rainforest. Harvested by indigenous people who pray to the plants.


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Savvy Rest, Inc


Our mission was to create an organic mattress that was comfortable, nontoxic, versatile and reliable—and to give customers a level of service they’d never experienced before from a mattress company.
For the core of the Savvy Rest Organic mattress, we chose natural latex for its wonderful feel and longevity. We designed customizable layers to make the mattress adaptable for every individual. We chose certified organic wool and certified organic cotton fabric for a soft yet sturdy casing. And to ensure quality, we required materials certifications from all our suppliers.


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Organic Comfort Zone


“Chill out naturally…and experience the Organic Comfort Zone.” Manufacturers of CozyPure Organic Bedding and Mattresses, and EcoAveUsa Apparel and Home Textiles. “Comfy home-zone basics are made from eco-smart fabrics that feel good and come full-circle to benefit our health, our communities, and our environment.” Organic comfort specialists for 18 years. Catalog available.


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Customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by displaying the GBB seal.
Businesses that earn green business certification also save on energy and material costs.
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