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Whole Systems Design, LLC

Industry Category: Builders
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Address:66 Dean's Mountain








About Whole Systems Design, LLC

We develop human habitats – landscape and building systems – that yield perennial abundance and enduring value. These are adaptive, resilient and secure places in a future of peak oil, climate instability, and deepening economic insolvency.
We design and implement regenerative food, fuel, and shelter systems that thrive on current solar energy.
Developing this solar infrastructure requires a multi-disciplinary approach integrating ecology, agriculture, architecture, and construction. Our process and results are scalable from residential properties to neighborhoods to regions.
We work across all project phases from visioning and goals articulation to site selection, site planning, construction management, project communications, and research/education.
Our clients are engaging a more resilient and enjoyable transition into the post-petroleum age of increasing climate, economic and cultural instability.

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