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SOBE Organic Cleaning, LLC

Industry Category: Cleaning Services
Industry Type: Cleaning Services


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Address:1150 K St NW #711




Phone:(202) 643-7623




About SOBE Organic Cleaning, LLC

Locally-recognized as a leader in the green cleaning and housekeeping industry, SOBE Organic Cleaning has committed itself to the betterment of the environment through the use of certified green cleaning products and proprietary cleaning systems and processes.  Driven by the desire to live in harmony with the Earth by making choices that support the health of the environment, as well as reduces harm to the planet, SOBE Organic Cleaning uses tried and true organic cleaning products and processes that are environmentally responsible, as well as healthier for their customers and service workers.Founded by a luxury-apartment property manager obsessed with cleanliness and great customer service, SOBE Organic Cleaning’s owner/CEO, Mr. Samuel J. Bullock, was disturbed by the long-term health and environmental effects of traditional cleaning products and understood the “Green” demand in the Washington, D.C. area; thus he decided to create “the ultimate solution for a cleaner environment.”SOBE Organic Cleaning’s mission is to improve, inform and enrich the lives of the people they service.  This is accomplished through the use of non-toxic, eco-friendly products and a professional work ethic.  SOBE Organic Cleaning’s goal is to provide its valued clients efficient and reliable services that supersede its competitors.  They proudly make this happen without making dramatic changes in their customers’ lifestyles or a huge dent in their wallets.

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