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Soap for Goodness Sake

Industry Category: Consumer Products
Industry Type: Consumer Products


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Address:HC 73, Box 189A








About Soap for Goodness Sake

We are committed to making nothing but the most natural products and take pride in providing quality natural bath products for you. We offer handmade natural soap and natural skin care without unsafe synthetics. We know there are a lot of companies saying they offer “natural soap” or natural this and that, which contain such things as artificial fragrances, etc and we are here to offer you really natural soap and bath products. Our natural soap and skin care products are made in small quality controlled batches with top quality natural ingredients using only pure essential oils in our scented products and natural ingredients for color. If this is your first time to buy really natural handmade soap, you will be able to tell the difference right away. Handmade natural soap and natural skin care products will leave you feeling clean, soothed, pampered, soft and healthy.

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