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Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center

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Address:747 Front St. 3rd Floor

City:San Francisco







About Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center was founded in 1971 as the Humanistic Psychology Institute, as part of Sonoma State University. Later it was incorporated and was designated as a non-profit corporation, a 501(c)(3) organization according to the IRS. A product of the nationwide wave of innovation in higher education, it was founded on the basic humanistic belief that human consciousness at the individual and societal level is a work in progress for which each person is responsible. This vision still provides the ethical, pedagogical and disciplinary content of the school’s programs. As we enter the twenty-first century humanity stands at the dawn of its first global society. The threats and promises of these times require new modes of thought and new methods of action. Saybrook believes that graduate education should prepare scholar/practitioners to take effective leadership roles in developing the higher levels of consciousness needed to realize the immense possibilities of these times, while at the same time minimizing the ever present potential for social and individual suffering. To that end Saybrook provides a unique learner-centered environment for advanced studies in psychology, human science, and organizational systems based in an emancipatory humanistic tradition.

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