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OfficeFrog is a retailer of earth friendly green office supplies and workplace products. At OfficeFrog you can shop for copy paper, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, pens, pencils, markers, staplers, scissors, office technology, calendars, appointment books, file folders, notebooks, legal pads, report covers, envelopes, labels, binders, paper towels, toilet paper, cutlery, paper products, containers, organizers, sorters, racks, trays, storage boxes, and most everything you’ll need to make your workplace more earth friendly. OfficeFrog believes in benefiting the earth’s ability to replenish the natural resources consumed in the manufacturing of office products used every day. Our stewardship efforts to replenish the earth’s resources are clearly seen with the products we offer to our customers, the reusable box our products are shipped in, the ongoing donations we make to plant trees throughout the world, and the reduction of our carbon footprint as we operate. We also provide a simple way for shoppers to select green products we’ve already identified as the most earth friendly items in their category as well as the best performing products for your office. Whether you choose Friendly, Friendlier, or Friendliest we hope you’ll return knowing every time you make a purchase from you are always “doing your part” to help our environment recover in the most natural way possible.

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